Chapter 6 The Secret Truth of Jesus: Twelve Commandments of Salvation (Jesus’ Iron Law: The Main Contents of “The Hidden Cup of Eternal Life”) (32)




The Minor Prophet Zechariah (Zacharias) predicts about “The end of the world” (when the Heavenly Kingdom of God is established on the new Earth337): “And it will be in that day, that living waters will flow (go) out from Jerusalem; half of them toward the front (former) sea [- the Dead Sea in the South -], and half of them toward the back (hinder) sea [- the Sea of Galilee in the North -]: in Summer and in Winter will it be.338

So, there will be 2 kinds of “Life Water” [of the River of Truth] that originate from One Source at the New339 Holy City of Jerusalem, and they are dualistically opposite: “Salt Water” and “Fresh Water”. This means from that time of the very end (i.e. 2014), all faithful disciples of Jesus (the elect) in Central Jerusalem will be the Source of Jesus’ Applied Dualism to “give” the Holy Spirit for Eternal Life and Peace throughout Israel, to the South and to the North year round. (True believers will then actually go on Pilgrimage to the New Jerusalem to “worship God in spirit and in Truth”340).

This will happen in the end time; it is a secret in connection with the divine Revelation of Saint John. Interestingly, in his Vow of Return, Jesus reminded the martyrdom341 of this Prophet Zechariah, who by God appears to know Jesus’ Dualistic Concept of “the Cross”.

 The End time Dualistic Flow of Life Water


Note: Map compass remains geographical; the seemingly-inverted Crucifix is here added to relate to the Temple of Jesus seen by the author inside the Sun. “The Summer flow” for the South, according to the Crosswise Loop of Eternity, truly originates from the North of Galilee where Jesus began to preach (Matthew 4:12-17).


Before examining the contents of Jesus’ “Cup of Eternal Life” (The Secret Truth that, as reader should have known by now, is “the Cross of the Sun of God” of his Holy Teachings), one thing of his Crucifixion should be shown: When Jesus died on the Cross (facing North according to my Vision; the Sun was above and behind him to the South), he must’ve bowed his head to his right (East). The Roman soldier named Longinus342 came to the Cross from his left (West) therefore did not see his face, and in an instant of hatred and wondering whether or not he was really dead as he appeared to be, pierced his left side with a spear, and blood and water343 [of his stomach] flowed out* from there. This is the symbolic image of “the flow of life water”344 through “the Spring exit of the Cross” (Commandments 1, 2, 3) in his spiritual Baptism345, completing the Dualistic Union of Negativity and Positivity to give birth to the Holy Spirit of Everlasting Life.


*   This scene was exaggeratedly portrayed in the movie “Passion of the Christ”.



This is “the progressive flow of the River of Truth”. It includes “Spring flow & Summer flow” and is caused to exist by the obedience to the six positive Commandments of Jesus:

1      January Commandment on Fellowship (Matthew 5:21-26).

2      February Commandment on Lust (Matthew 5:27-30).

3      March Commandment on Marriage (Matthew 5:31-32).

4      April Commandment on Communication (Matthew 5:33-37).

5      May Commandment on Evil (Matthew 5:38-42).

6      June Commandment on Enemies (Matthew 5:43-48).



2   “THE LIFE WATER FOR THE NORTH” (“The Secret Goddess”)

This is “the regressive flow of the River of Truth”. It includes “Fall flow & Winter flow” and is caused to come by the obedience to the six negative Commandments of Jesus:

7      July Commandment on Charity (Matthew 6:1-4).

8      August Commandment on Praying (Matthew 6:5-6).

9      September Commandment on Prayer (Matthew 6:7-15).

10      October Commandment on Fasting (Matthew 6:16-18).

11      November Commandment on Goodness (Matthew 6:19-21).

12      December Commandment on Kingdom (Matthew 6:22:34).


Before studying to thoroughly understand the 12 Salvation Commandments of Jesus, reader should keep in mind that Jesus’ spiritual teachings, “the way of the Cross”, are the Will (Intention*) of God for everlasting life and peace in the Solar system (Heaven-Earth system). All God’s chosen believers “must behave in the way of his Sun above” to conform to God’s Will for the earth below.

First, the Commandments will be studied individually, and then their crosswise dualistic interactions will be discussed.


* Again, the book “The Power of Intention” of W. Dyer and the book “Secrets” of R. Byrnes that associate with Sir Isaac Newton’s discovery of Gravity (Gravitational Attraction). Other books: “Money and the Law of Attraction” by Esther and Jerry Hicks, “The Law of Attraction” by Gary Null …

(To be continued…)


[]    Added to clarify.

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Chapter 6 The Secret Truth of Jesus: Twelve Commandments of Salvation (Jesus’ Iron Law: The Main Contents of “The Hidden Cup of Eternal Life”) (31)




The mysterious, divine female Figure of Jesus’ spiritual teachings called “Goddess”314 (e.g. Isis), often attributed to either Jesus’ mother Mary or his female disciple Mary Magdalene, should only be the Metaphor of Gnosticism campaign against anti-Gnostic Literalism, telling that “there truly is the secret of God in Jesus’ teachings of Salvation”, not only “by design” but also “by the feminine* (secretively quiet and still) nature” of the Deity God. “She” – the female counterpart of God – actually is the six Negative Commandments of Jesus (7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12) that complement (complete) the six Positive Commandments (like woman Eve to man Adam), and begin at July of Leo when the fervent months of Summer culminate. The 12-month Zodiac evidence in Leonardo’s work again suggests that this allegedly-leading associate of “the secret order of Priory Sion” knew the general principle of Jesus’ hidden Truth, e.g. ½ year of light & warmth and ½ year of darkness & coldness**.

The 6 negative Commandments are for faithful obedience kept in secrecy so that no one can know about, except of course only God (and maybe some close fellow disciples). This kind of subtle practice is not appealing to most believers, especially by tradition, who, being humans, still cling to the world. Who in the world would want to do them in such a way unless having absolutely strong faith in God and Jesus? The motive for any action of this world is worldly, to be seen by the world.315 This negative, unpopular side of Jesus’ teachings has contributed in its consequent fading away of the Truth, and along with his seemingly-helpless humiliation and Crucifixion***, and the dispersion of his disciples, his Mission is viewed by some as failure316. But God’s view (hence plan) is different and possibly contrary to man’s view.317 Jesus’ teachings of God are still there like a challenging and testing (trial) of the faith of the world318; his followers, most are “innocent”, take the largest portion of all religious believers … To me, Jesus the Savior Son of God has not failed, but despite all adversaries, has successfully implemented a long-term screening program319 that purposefully has been in sync with “the end of the world”320 (Chapters 11 & 12).


* On the other hand, as noted in the Introduction, this might be the hidden reason for the producing of Gospel of Mary perhaps by the Literalists to battle against the true Gnostics of Jesus, and to eventually cause the exclusion (purging) and destroying (burning) of all Gnostic Scriptures as Apocryphals (heretic forgeries) by the Christian authoritarians of Saul.

** This is observed as an extreme phenomenon at the Earth’s poles (6 months of day and 6 months of night), and the awesome sight of “the Sun at mid-night”.

*** I wish that Jesus was left hanging on the Cross so that everyone could witness his Divine Resurrection on the third day like he appeared to have planned (John 3:14-15; 12:32; 13:31-32), but the evil people had adversely changed the course (Matthew 27:62-66; John 19:31).



The Flow in the Temple of Jesus in the Sun is caused by an Invisible Force (a mysterious cosmic Power that can generate cosmic rays*). This Secret Force perhaps represents the Origin (Source) of Gravity (G, an acceleration factor of attraction) in every object that has a mass to hold and collectively form the universe. And this is perhaps why God is believed to be Omni-present (existing everywhere).

Light (Nature of God321 in Jesus’ teachings) is hypothesized by physicists to be packets of Photon (“Light particle”) because it behaves as if it has a mass; evidently light cannot escape and is attracted (“bent”) by the absolutely-strong Gravity, e.g., of a Galactic Center or a Black hole. And this shows that God is Omni-potent (All powerful).

Extreme Gravity G is the collecting (gathering) Source of matter and energy (light…) and also appears to be their Origin (Generator/Creator) as noted above in the forming of new stars. Thoughts of actions and prayers are brain waves (a form of light energy), therefore they must bound to such Centers** (probably first to the Sun, then the Milky Way – the Galaxy that our Solar system belongs to). And that’s how God the Omniscient Omni-directionally knows all things322; sin is instantly “known” in “the heart”323. Jesus says humans will be judged*** by their own words324; they commit sin if they violate his Commandments. Willful (intentional) thoughts, words and deeds (actions) of all humans are thus automatically “logged in the books”325 used in the Last Judgment.


* Example: The cosmic rays come from the CYGNUS (SWAN) Constellation, a mysterious group of stars that form a cross-shaped pattern in our Milky Way Galaxy, and may be called “the Northern Cross” in comparison to the Southern Cross CRUX.

**   Thus, only godly spirits that are holy and radiant may get to (or contact with) God in Heaven which should be at the Center of such sources. In Buddhism Meditation, it is believed that “the defiled souls” (sinful spirits) are “heavy”, therefore cannot rise to the Heavenly Paradise of Nirvana.

***   Jesus’ Commandments themselves judge humans (John 12:48); they are Salvation and also Judgment Commandments.


Jesus could walk on the water of Lake Galilee because his Holy Spirit of God, through this “Cosmic Power of Gravity”, somehow (e.g. his spiritual neutrality caused by Impartiality) had overridden the gravitational attraction that the earth exerted on him. Several years ago (2003, before I could know to think this way), I dreamed and saw that I could float up to the ceiling while sitting! (I did not know then that some Meditation schools believe they could, at least in their passed down teachings). The Holy Spirit probably had wanted me to notice the Zero Gravity at the Zero-point Field of God brought about by being impartial by Jesus’ way of “the Cross”. According to Jesus’ teachings, “Faith” (truly believing to obey God), [strongly growing] like a mustard seed, enables one to move a big tree or even a mountain on command326, obviously against (anti) Gravity. The mystery of how the Egyptian pyramids were built327 might be explained this way as it has ever been thought that Heavenly Beings (as “Aliens of UFO”) might have instructed or helped them in these massively-magnificent constructions that modern machines certainly could not achieve without great difficulties. Jesus was also viewed by some scholars as “the Cosmic Savior” coming from outer space, partly because of his Heavenly teachings328, partly because his anti-Gravity capability329, and partly because of his sayings330 (that he was from above … and his Kingdom is not of this world [but from somewhere out there.])

As above speculated (Footprints), the Integrating Gravity (the Universal G Force of Attraction) mysteriously represents the Central God (the Lord God) who is Omni-present … so that all smaller masses (with weaker Gravities) must belong to and/or orbit the larger ones (with stronger Gravities), and by this unique Principle*, the whole Universe comes into being. As a matter of fact, an atom is thought to operate in a way much like a solar system does; it is considered to be “a miniature solar system” where the satellite electrons (e-) behave like planets, and the nucleus is like the central Sun. And all the stars, and all solar systems gravitate toward (spun around) the Center of their Galaxy (Black hole). These giants may at times merge together to form even the larger ones. And there are numerous galaxies** and black holes in the Universe that lately is believed to be boundless and have no center. Max Planck, a Nobel-prized German physicist, realized “the presence (existence) of one mysterious Force of a conscious and intelligent Mind that holds and creates the Universe”; what called by believers “God” or “the Creator”. It is “the Mind of Matrix”.

The tendency of union (joining) of “the Cross Kingdom of God” (via Gravity) explains what Jesus has meant when he prayed asking “God the Father” to sanctify all of his followers (who should then have the Holy Spirits) so that they may be all in one331, and One is God the Father, the Lord Holy Spirit of Light. Light (Cosmic radiation) comes from the interaction of Negativity and Positivity that if being continuous, their union becomes complementary, radiant Holy Spirit of Light332, and as suggested above, Gravity. In this way: – contacting + that cause “a spark”***, thunders and lightning, representing the authority of God, manifest.333

The renown Christian scientist Isaac Newton (1642-1727) discovered Gravity and useful formulas of it (i.e. Motion), but “what it really is” he did not know334, and it still remains a mystery to date, even with Einstein’s theory of Relativity (that space is curved or warped by great mass of high Gravity into whirling vortex of orbit that Light would be bent and time would be slowed down.) ****


* It is now believed that there are billions of Galaxies, each holds billions of stars! Extra-Terrestrial life forms and UFO’s are believed to certainly exist because of such a vast and star-filled universe.

**   What called “Theory of Myriad Uniformity” in Buddhism (Temporarily translated).

*** This is similar to “the evidenced Big Bang theory” (of the Creation of the universe) that was tested underground in 9/2008 in Switzerland (and again in 2010) although some have feared that “it might create a black hole and destroy the earth”!

**** Time (may be defined as “span or interval indicator of growth changes”) is slowed down (“condensed or contracted”) in extremely-high Gravities where matter turns into Light (My dream trip into the Sun has confirmed to me this concept that I felt like I was floating upstream near the edge of the giant foggy hollow before I suddenly vanished to the space inside. I felt the trip lasting about 10 minutes, but it actually was about 1 hour). This supports the concept (belief) that “1 day in Heaven equals a thousand years on Earth” (Psalm 90:4; 2Peter 3:8). This means Eternity which is everlasting and unchanging. The bizarre truth gives rise to the idea of “time machine” that could take humans through time (e.g. into the past) with speed even faster than that of Light (>300,000 km/sec.). A Vietnamese fairy tale tells the story of a young man who journeyed to Paradise in Heaven for a short while, but upon returning, he found the descendants of his and the people of his hometown to be very old because it had been several hundred years since he left! This, in a sense, is the case of Jesus’ Return in the future (the Second Coming of Christ).


God the Holy Spirit is impartial (“righteously neutral”). The Center of Gravity of the Sun should be where Neutrino – the fundamental neutral particle – could be found. And this Neutrino origin of the God of Light has been called “God (Ghost) particle”*. Jesus says God the Father is in secret Heaven335 perhaps because the first Heaven (?) that I have witnessed is located inside the Sun as if hidden.

In conclusion, Gravity G** may stand for God; Gravitational Attraction*** universally is the manifestation of God’s Omni-Presence of Central Existence in all things.

Boethius, a Christian scholar who was executed by his Roman emperor, believed that he had found the Spiritual Power that mechanically governs the Solar system and life cycle on earth; in prison he wrote the famed book “The Consolation of Philosophy.”336


* By Japanese scientists’ research, it is now known that countless Neutrinos from the Sun have been bombarding and penetrating through the Earth to bring about life. These “God particles” are thought to be formed in “the Big Bang” mentioned in earlier note.

**   Could this G also be the G in between 2 opposite compasses in the symbol of the secret society Free Mason?

***  Again, books of “secret knowledge” for success in life have been written based on “Attraction Law” (Newton’s Law of Gravity).



Powerful attraction of a galactic center

(Image source:

(To be continued…)


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Chapter 6 The Secret Truth of Jesus: Twelve Commandments of Salvation (Jesus’ Iron Law: The Main Contents of “The Hidden Cup of Eternal Life”) (30)




The balanced Cross interactions of 6 positive Commandments and 6 negative Commandments create a perpetually-endless, overall flow of vitality (life force) between 2 sets of spiritual complements and 2 sets of physical complements through “the heart”, forming a crosswise closed Loop of #8 of Bless, and a Holy child of God is “born again” in spirit. It is “the Tree of life”308 grown by Jesus’ method of ‘the Holy Cross,’ cryptically and figuratively revealed in the divine book The Revelation. The permanent “fruits” (righteous behaviors) are the compliances with the Commandments.

Each Commandment (e.g. January Commandment) represents the Heaven-Earth system’s interactive status in the corresponding month of the Earth’s counter-clockwise orbit around the Sun. Sir Isaac Newton must have observed this in his investigation of the Dynamics of the Solar system. The obedient disciple of Jesus must behaves righteously like the Sun of God in relation to sinners who act like the earth in 12 varying positions (situations).

The ceaseless, internal flow of the loop of eternity, formed by complementary interactions and polarity reversal, is truly the flow of “the rivers of water of eternal life” that Jesus has talked about (Review Chapter 4). The everlasting Flow, River of Truth309 (See 6.30), cryptically described by Saint Clement, nourishes the Tree of life, which is “the Cross of Jesus”, and makes it bearing fruits310 of the Holy Spirit.

The Crossing zone (Neutral field, Impartial point, Zero-point field) of the Kingdom of God is eternally blissful because it is forever centered and complementarily balanced, hence it is also discernible (fathomable) and holy. That’s the basic framework of Jesus’ Doctrine of the Cross for Salvation into the everlasting Kingdom of God.

The Crossing (Uniting) of the two polarized principles (life vitalities) Negativity and Positivity gave rise to the religious signs of Christianity, Buddhism, and potentiated the criticism that Catholic Christianity of the West was/is a [cooperative (if not collaborative)] form of Hitler’s dictatorship311 because of the seeming similarity between the signs of Christianity and the symbols of Nazism. However, it might possibly be that Hitler’s Empire was inspired by the conceptual mysteries of the Holy Cross of the Grail, just as the five-pointed star of it to the Allies.



Below is the Dualistic transmutation of Negativity and Positivity at the Cross Center:

The eternal loop of Holy Spirit

 River of Truth


According to my Vision and Experience in the Temple of Jesus inside the Sun, after entering through the Summer entrance, progressively-forward positive flow slows down and comes to full stop after clockwise winding up 1800 when polarity reversal occurs: Negativity takes over Positivity, then counter-clockwise unwinds 1800 to restart (begin) and regressively flows backward away from the Center by repulsion*, turning yet another 1800 counter-clockwise. It is the Central point of union (Zero-point field) where the flow stops and starts that in Thomas 18 Jesus talks about “the end and the beginning”.

At Winter exit, it turns another 1800 clockwise while flowing backward to return** to the Center, and slows down to enter by the Fall entrance with the left side leading in. But for the horizontal sideways flows, there is “no winding and unwinding”; only polarity reversal from negative back to positive at the Center when pivoting 1800 counter-clockwise around the left side (as if it bypasses the Center by the 4th dimension***) to flow away with the right side leading out via the Spring exit. This appears to show that only the spiritual complements “Summer v Winter” are the primary components of spirit; they truly join (copulate or unite) to give birth to the Holy Spirit. Thus, spiritual Commandments 4, 5, 6 versus 10, 11, 12 are more radically important than physical Commandments 7, 8, 9 versus 1, 2, 3 in forming the Holy Spirit****. The overall flow is “River of Truth” of Saint Clement mentioned above. This original Loop of Eternal life probably is the peculiar symbol seen on the robe of the Catholic high-ranked officials, e.g. the Pope; the Cardinals…


* Such repulsive ejection has been recently observed in space when new stars are formed from the invisible black hole at the center of a galaxy.

** Lao-Tzu describes this “receding and turning back” in his book Tao Te Ching.
*** Very similar to the meditative pathway of the Kaballistic cross; this Cross-shaped Loop using the  4th dimension amazingly was found in 2008 in the book “The fourth dimension” (Sacred geometry, alchemy, and mathematics/Rudolf Steiner 2001, p. 170).

**** In my first Vision in 1992 (Foreword),  I saw that Jesus looking “eerily powerful” in his big bright eyes, but having somewhat bony cheeks (perhaps resulting from subtle fasting by Commandment #10 to maintain his Holy Spirit. Thomas Gospel says that “believer must fast to live eternally”).


The spiritual flows Summer-Winter with acceleration and deceleration* are strong and fast currents. The cross counterpart physical flows Fall-Spring are weak and slow currents.

Because the total flow begins with Negativity by repulsion and ends with Positivity by attraction before repeats312, Dualism is always called Negativity-Positivity Theological Theory (Yin-Yang, never Yang-Yin). A bright star (e.g. the Sun) thus begins in the dark of Negativity of an invisible black hole or a galactic center; this has been lately observed by scientists. (Dark (invisible) Negativity perhaps is what believed to have been found in space, called “Dark matter”). In this way, the visible light of God has appeared from the dark to shine the Earth and later to form the Sun.313


* The acceleration and deceleration show that one thing is truly composed of 2 opposite (antagonizing) forces as its Dualistic nature, “a tug of war” between + attraction and – repulsion. At atomic level, scientists theorized that in the nucleus, Protons (+ charges) are bound (held) together but repel one another that Neutrons must exist among them to stabilize. But Neutrons (e.g. neutral particles of neutron stars) or the smaller Neutrinos may be the neutral (non-polarized) products of Dualistic particles of matter that, as shown before, can be polarized and united at the Zero-point field of God. And the Dualistic particles of the universe might be the Gravitons (Gravity particles) of modern day Quantum physics (Archimedes to Hawking: Laws of Science and the great mind behind them/Clifford Pickover 2008, p. 102) which appear to closely involve in life processes (Discover Magazine: Science, Technology, and the Future/February 2009 issue, pp. 58-63).

(To be continued…)


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Chapter 6 The Secret Truth of Jesus: Twelve Commandments of Salvation (Jesus’ Iron Law: The Main Contents of “The Hidden Cup of Eternal Life”) (29)



Now let’s return to #13 of Jesus (often superstitiously believed as bad luck number299, as in Friday the 13th, the day of his Crucifixion, falling on the 13th day of the month). The unknown Secret (hidden Truth) of “the Cross concept” of Jesus and the 13 members of his Circle (Ring) of Salvation where he was the Lord, were the inspiration for the quadruple coexistence of the four Canonical Gospels300 (4 quarters or divisions): Matthew, Mark, Luke and John, and probably the making of the 52 card deck (13*x4) of 4 different kinds of suit that can be identified from either opposite end, and its card game Bridge of 2 pairs of players (opponents) in the 18th century AD**. Thus, beside Jesus’ calling of followers to “carry own cross behind him”301 it appears that his Salvation Secret of 4 dualistic complements of “the Cross” (“saving by the Cross”) somehow was heard of (“leaked”) after his Last Supper, and passed on down (as commonly seen throughout the history of the pass 2,000 years in religious symbols as well as ancient flags or arts) but its secret Truth (revealed here in this Chapter) was not (either remaining a secrecy or a cover-up conspiracy); and from there came about the legend of the Holy Grail, Jesus’ hidden “Cup of eternal life” – the most common form of his mystery of multiplicity – that the Knight Templars*** of France “might have known some upsetting truth about” (e.g. It is the spiritual Cross, not the physical Cross, that saves) in the early 12th century AD (after their Pilgrimage escorting trip to Jerusalem) and became very wealthy by it (corruptly “bought or paid” by the authorities for their silence?****), but perished nearly 2 centuries later302 perhaps also by it (a prolonged governmental cover-up finished by king Philip IV?*****)


*    The use of 13 cards on the Jewish Kaballah’s 10 Siferots of the tree of life (The Kaballah tree: A journey of Balance & Growth/Rachael Pollack … pp. 157-161) does not produce a perfect fit for Jesus’ 12-membered (branched) Tree of life, where he is the Central Lord (the Ace card at the center).

**   In addition to guessing (gambling) games of unknown (secret), the cards are often used in magic (a power that cause impossible things become possible as illusions). And since the 1st century until now, Jesus has been thought by some to be just a great magician who had deceived others (John 7:12) with his supposedly-supernatural power of sorcery (false).

***  An interesting TV movie on NBC (2009) and its novel “The Last Templar” once more showed that “there was certain mystery of Jesus”, and this has added more to “the Holy Grail” that so far no one has really had a clue to solve it.

****   This was a political tactic often used in ancient Asian culture.

*****   Philip the Fair.


In October 2007, the Vatican released a piece of the trial of the Knights recorded in a book that says they were found by the French king to be guilty of violence and corruption, but “not of heresies or unorthodox teachings”, and the Pope* could not help [to save them]. But this alleged gesture still has not satisfactorily given answer to the mystery of the Grail, “the Sacred Treasure” that has been believed to have made them “from rags (the Poor Knights) to riches”. Lootings in later time (per history, e.g. at Constantinople), or pilgrims’ donations should not be sufficient to fully account for their sudden wealth. But no doubt, many have been brain washed through history and literatures!

The Holy Grail is also believed to have influenced legendary king Arthur of England (in the 6th century of the Dark Ages?) to form his “Twelve Knights of the Round Table.”303 The mystery must be of utmost importance: Why 12 and why round (if it does not symbolically mean “the twelve guarding members have equal distance from the central king (lord), forming a circle”)?

The national flags of many western nations, e.g. Switzerland, England (Britain or UK), Greece, Australia, Denmark … probably have come for power and honor by the national inspiration of the faith in “the Cross of Salvation”, and perhaps even in “the shining Sun”. The initial inspiration for political power began with Roman emperor Constantine the Great of the 4th century AD (mentioned earlier) who, before becoming a Christian convert, “per the divine instruction of his dream,” had had all the battle shields** of his troops designed with “a Cross”,*** and amazingly won the battle for his throne.

Nearly all the key words of Jesus’ teachings are found in the stories of the Grail: The Cross, the blood, the star (Sun), the Tree of life, the five things (the five-pointed star or the pentagram), the twelve sectors … The mythical rumor of a female Deity304 (Goddess) – the Counterpart of the male Deity in the teachings of Jesus – that the mainstream (orthodox) theologians would reject (because they have no clue about it, and traditionally one after (following) another, have been made to believe and attribute paganism to have crept in) is truly the six negative Commandments of Jesus that are supposed to be complied with (practiced) in subtlety (secret). But the same rumor about this Holy femininely-docile Icon (as if she were a gentle Goddess of Greek’s mythology) in Jesus’ teachings of God has further led to the fictional stories (e.g. The Da Vinci Code), telling about some unfounded love affair(s) between Jesus and his disciple(s): Saint John (beardless figure in the painting art “The Last Supper” of Leonardo Da Vinci) and/or Mary Magdalene … Moreover, Jesus’ Joyous News is known as “Salvation by love”305 for life and peace on earth, while Saint John secretively but “lovingly” has claimed that he is Jesus’ beloved disciple.306 Again, if these are rejected or ignored, deeming non-sense (as it likely would be) by the mainstream, then all others, no matter true or false, would also negatively be. This trend builds more obstacles to the unveilings of Jesus’ truths and aids in cover it up.

Nevertheless, before Crucifixion, Jesus’ Salvation Doctrine certainly was investigated307 by the high priest of the Jewish court council Sanhedrin (reformed and dictated by the imperial government of Rome); his secret Truth was highly wanted!


*     Pope Clement V.

**   The oval shields (representing the earth’s elliptical orbit?) should have a cross on a circle in the middle, representing the central Sun of Constantine’s alleged Vision. Or simply, they were round shields with a cross painted on.

***   Likely, a symmetrical Cross as that on the robe of the Knights Templar.

(To be continued…)


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Chapter 6 The Secret Truth of Jesus: Twelve Commandments of Salvation (Jesus’ Iron Law: The Main Contents of “The Hidden Cup of Eternal Life”) (28)




The symbolic expression for this Basic Crosswise Dualistic Interaction of Jesus’ Commandments is:



                                                                 7          +         1



This corresponds to “OFAN of the Zodiac wheel” (related to Jesus’ Doctrine of “the Cross” said earlier):

1        Aquarius (January)

4        Taurus (April)

7         Leo (July)

10      Scorpio (October)


Note: Commandment #1 and Commandment #4 are positive (+), Commandment #7 and Commandment #10 are negative (-).



Each set of 3 Commandments (e.g. 1, 2, 3) has the middle Commandment (e.g. 2) moderately symbolizing Jesus, the human Son of God, who is in between286 God the Father and the Holy Spirit in the Trinity triangle. Therefore, from the 4 sets derives the Godliness of a Holy man (Saint) like Jesus:



                                                                8           +          2




Note: Commandment #2 and Commandment #5 are positive (+), Commandment #8 and Commandment #11 are negative (-).

Mathematically:  5 + 8 = 2 + 11 = 13, representing Jesus the Lord of the Ring (Circle) of Salvation.

Using the orbital positions of the earth in corresponding months to express, one can see that this crosswise dualistic interaction is actually “the Square in the Circle” mentioned before. It spiritually represents “the Holy human on earth”:


8                          5


11                        2


Jesus declared that all true prophets are God’s children (gods), and admitted that he is the Son of God.287 He also often called himself “the Son of man”.288 But who on earth is not a child of man? Thus, truly, Jesus has discreetly taught that a human, male or female, can become a child of God – a god – like he is, “the first289 begotten(from the dead) of the Father.” Buddha, the first enlightened human, also said so to his disciples: “I have become Buddha, so will you”. This is a doctrinal truth of Jesus that traditional worshippers who tend to be humanly and worldly would not like to accept; the Pharisees (many were hypocrites) certainly did,290 falsely saying that humans who believe that they can become the true children of the Supreme Being commit the sin of blasphemy.291 And the thought of Gnosticism (seeking to learn and follow certain secret knowledge of Salvation) had much troubled many believers of the past, although with genuine instructions of Jesus, “hard teachings292 of his” would become not that hard293 but simply easy.294

Near the end of his Mission Jesus said to his disciples: “From here on I don’t call you servants, because the servant does not know what his Lord does, but I have called you friends; because all things that I have heard from [God] my Father, I have made known to you.”295 So if believers “worship Jesus as God the Father and accept John Gospel”, it should go without saying that “Jesus’ disciples may spiritually become God’s friends!” Friends of the Supreme Being Creator? This absurdly-awkward peculiarity should prove that Isaac Newton’s thought of “the concept of one God in 3 equal forms (persons) of Trinity as untrue doctrine” does make sense. In his First Coming, Jesus was only the God-sent Savior Teacher to his disciples, not God the Father Creator. Another word, the Son Jesus was spirit-wise like the Father God (like father like son) but not equal in power and position. In fact, Jesus had prayed to God and learned from him296, and declared that [God] his Father is greater than him.297 But since Ascension, he has officially become the Acting God* because he has possessed all 7 Spirits of God298, the belief of worship him as God for God’s mercy of Salvation is now relatively acceptable, and the idea of “being God’s friends” has become a possibility!


*   After Resurrection Jesus went to Heaven and was given all God’s Power (John 20:17; Matthew 28:18).

(To be continued…)


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Chapter 6 The Secret Truth of Jesus: Twelve Commandments of Salvation (Jesus’ Iron Law: The Main Contents of “The Hidden Cup of Eternal Life”) (27)



Then Jesus said to his disciples: “If you love me keep my Commandments265… If you abide in me, and my words abide in you, you will ask what you want (will) and it will be done to you. Herein is my Father*** glorified that you ‘bear much fruit’, so you will be my disciples.”266

And while they were eating, Jesus took bread, blessed it, then broke it and gave it to the disciples, saying: “Take, eat; this represents (is) my body.” And he took the cup [filled with red wine], gave thanks [to God], and gave it to them, saying: “Drink you all of it; because this represents (is) my blood of the New Testament, which is**** shed for many for the remission of sins. But I say to you: I will not drink this grape wine (fruit of the vine) from now on until the day when I drink it anew with you [to celebrate] in the Father’s Kingdom.”

And at the end of his Last Supper, when Judas Iscariot had gone out to secretly contact the chief priests again to inform267 them where Jesus would be (so they could come to arrest him), Jesus and his 11 disciples sang [“The Hymn of Jesus” while dancing “The Round Dance of the Cross”*****] before they went out into the mount of Olives268, where Jesus afterward in the garden of Gethsemane prayed to God, asking about his Crucifixion and Resurrection.


 12 Salvation Commandments of Jesus arranged crosswise

*   The spiritual Cross, the sacred Tree of life given to Jesus by God versus that to Adam (Genesis 2:9; 3:22-24) (See previous note of the physical Cross as the symbolic Tree of life).

**   Chapter 7 next.

***  In Jewish custom, like Eastern tradition of most nations, the father determines the genealogy or descent of a person (e.g. Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob … David). Therefore Jesus used the term “my Father”, meaning “my Creator” or “my Originator”, that is “my God”, which according to Jesus’ Dualistic doctrine of God includes both spiritual Parents. So, Jesus, like every true follower of his, also has a spiritual Mother, the secret Goddess in his teachings of spiritual Rebirth (Also see Taoist Yoga: Alchemy & Immortality/Lu K’wan Yu (Charles Luk) 1973, p. 158).

****    Jesus knew in advance that he would be crucified (Matthew 26:27-28)

*****    Mentioned earlier.


If believer faithfully learns and obeys the 12 Commandments of Jesus to “behave like the Sun of God” (as God’s will for peaceful life on earth), he or she will have a healthy mind and body, eternally maintained by the Holy Spirit of a godly being.269 Another word, this faithful believer possesses everlasting life of an Immortal270 even if the body is destroyed by some external force271 (power); as said before, such a Holy Spirit – a spiritual child of God – (“a Buddha or Diamond body” in Buddhism) is indestructible and supernaturally divine272. It, the Holy Inner Being, can transform its own body temple into light, and reversibly resurrects its own body from the spiritual world of the dead. To strengthen his disciples’ belief, Jesus had demonstrated this supernatural phenomenon by appearing and disappearing to them after his Resurrection to make them becoming his total believers and true followers273 who would then faithfully obey his paradoxical Commandments in joyous enthusiasm.274 Because of having ability to perform miracles, Jesus was hypothesized that he had not actually died; that it was only a Holy power demonstration. He knew before hand that he could lay down his life and he could take it back.275 Saint John intentionally shows that Jesus always wants his disciples to absolutely believe276 in what he has taught them. Even near the end of his First Coming, they had not had enough faith in his Messianic Mission and his teachings of resurrection.

Whoever believes this supernatural power of God the Holy Spirit – Reversible transformation of body (matter) and spirit (light) – has true faith in God, and only such faithful believers may ever truly “see”277 the manifestations of the Truth, God himself.* The Holy Spirit can appear and disappear at will, so can God’s true children. It is rather clear that Jesus says: the true born again believers could come and go undetectably like the wind.278 By tremendous power of Gravity at the Center, all must become invisible just to be seen (appear) in another world of different time and space. Einstein’s famous equation: E=mc2 is thus actually reversible, and space-time travel of appearance and disappearance of Holy beings is possible. Mass (matter and body) can turn into energy (light) and vice versa. (This is dramatized in movies such as Star Trek, Star Gate …) If Jesus says that: a faithful believer can move a mountain by command279 then obviously, through this supernatural power of God on Gravity, he or she is able to move (vanish) him or her!

*   Without expecting, longing, or thinking about, I have seen the Holy Spirit of God appearing as a Three-lobed (clover-shaped) White Cloud on the mahogany wall of my room in 1998 (To my “opened” understanding, God (Godhead) is the middle lobe as the head & body of the spiritual Bird (i.e. Phoenix), and the other two lobes are his wings. In the blessing Cross, respectively, it is the Father, the Son, and the upholding Angels of Spirit). I have also experienced “the union of the two opposite Forces at the Cross Center of the Temple” in my trip into the Sun in 2001 that has helped me to “see” the secret Truth of Jesus.


At this point, suddenly I heard a beautiful voice singing a religious song: “And I know in the heart … that there must be a way”…

Jesus’ Tree of life (the spiritual Cross, called “the Cross”) is grown with different method than that for the tree of life of Jewish Kaballah practice.280 It is also “the microcosmic Orbit”281 (the wheel of the Law) of spiritual alchemy in Eastern meditation, evidenced to have ever existed in Christianity.282 “The wheel of the Law” of spiritual alchemy had manifested as “the wheels of God’s chariot”283 in the Vision of the prophet Ezekiel284, related to “the wheel of Zodiac” mentioned before.

The obeying to each pair of Jesus’ antagonistic Commandments should open (blossom) a pair of ‘spiritual flowers’285 (chakras) for to show their ‘fruit’ accompanied by the power of the Holy Spirit (the Tree of life).


According to the crosswise mode of Dualistic interaction in his teachings, following are the 4 sets of 3 Salvation Commandments of Jesus:

2 sets of 3 spiritual Commandments (the 6 verticals or spirituals): 3 Positives of Summer and 3 Negatives of Winter.

2 sets of 3 physical Commandments (the 6 horizontals or physicals): 3 Positives of Spring and 3 Negatives of Fall.

(To be continued…)


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Chapter 6 The Secret Truth of Jesus: Twelve Commandments of Salvation (Jesus’ Iron Law: The Main Contents of “The Hidden Cup of Eternal Life”) (26)




In the privacy252 of the Last Supper, [Jesus reviewed to those who had asked him to know and revealed to those who had not, the secret Truththe Holy Grail that gives eternal life-] although they all then had learned from him the 12 least Commandments of Salvation:

[“With his intrinsic nature of mercy and compassion, God the Holy Spirit generously loves both* the evil and the good, because evidently he makes his Sun shine to give light and sends rain for all253, especially when they need him and repentantly come to him after, evilly like the earth, taking advantage of and then moving away from his Source of life254 that always tries to draw them back”.]

Then Jesus told them the parable of “the lost son”255 who returned in “rags and repentance” to find his ever-loving father and was warmly welcomed by him. And [Jesus concluded: “God’s perfect impartiality on “the evil and the good”** manifests through his Sun that brings about life on earth for all”.]


* This concept matches itself with Eastern Dualism Theology that the Creator is both good (constructive) and evil (destructive); and that these 2 natures of God are both equally essential. The “dark” side is actually the other half of “the God of light who has no darkness in him at all” (1 John 1:5). This perhaps is why it is conceptualized by some scholars and theologians that “this God of the world is the inferior God (i.e. the Demiurge)” who had created this imperfect world. There is also a blasphemous criticism: “If there is no crooked God, there is no crooked molecule (meaning no disease)”. But God the Creator does have the authority & power to use evil, e.g. when he placed the serpent (that had Satan’s evil spirit) (Genesis 3:1), causing “evil temptation on earth” to keep humans either obediently being on his good side (for life and peace) or being destroyed. God’s destructive thoughts and actions in his wrath are seen throughout the Old Testament, the Revelation, and even the New Testament (Matthew 7:19; 13:30; 18:34; Luke 19:27). Nevertheless, God only uses his destructively-evil nature and power to punish (judge) for goodness sake of all (i.e. godly life) unlike the evil who do evil just for their own gain. God mercifully (compassionately and leniently) loves the evil (sinners) because he wants them to live and have the chance to repent (2 Peter 3:9). So, like one philosopher has concluded that “it is the purpose that determines one’s ethics, not the way to achieve that purpose”, it seems that evil approach may be used for common goodness (the world has been practicing this), but truly, no one deserves to follow this principle except God because he is the only One that is perfectly good (Matthew 19:16-17; Luke 18:18-19). Jesus therefore has taught: “Do not judge…” (Matthew 7:1) but “Forgive…” (Matthew 6:14-15).

**   The bad and the good; the evil and the godly.


[Jesus then further opened for his disciples the Salvation secret: “God the Holy Spirit at “the heart” of his Kingdom is the Lord of his hosts around, and by his Sun, lovingly keeps giving life to the earth and its inhabitants, manifesting as 4 seasons Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter* by the perpetual transmutation of their good positivity and evil negativity along the time. In human interactions, God’s children should also possess impartiality on good and evil the same way, so that by having the righteousness of God they become the source of life for all around]. The Lord Jesus then strangely demonstrated his love for his 12 servant disciples (including Judas Iscariot, his betrayer disciple) by washing their feet256; he loved them all like he loved himself257, and they belong** to him.


*   At least one cathedral of the Mormons was built with a peculiar surrounding courtyard that bears the indications of the 12 months of the year, corresponding to the earth’s 12 positions in orbit around the Sun. The Mormons (of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints) might have possessed some secret Truth of Jesus’ spiritual teachings in the form of symbolic Masonry like that of the Rosslyn Chapel in Scotland.

**   Thus, the true meaning of love is the desire to take someone (or something) as part of one’s own. The hug (embrace) and the kiss … show the desirous acts of love; apparently, many people of the Middle East and the West, have traditionally followed this teaching of Jesus (Luke 7:45).


Jesus before has discreetly taught his disciples that a godly human like him (the Son of man) could become the Son of God, who, by God’s approval, is Lord of everything on earth.258 Again, it is the true Christ-like concept.259 [He has taught them to behave like the serving Sun of God that is the central Lord of all heavenly hosts around. And Jesus went on, telling “the Twelve” the dualistic interactions inside the Sun that manifest on earth as 4 seasons that are complementary and opposite (antagonistic) through the Sun’s center: “If by God, on the horizontal plane, positive Spring counteracts to balance negative Fall then it means: The warm months of Spring, say, January, February, and March, counterbalance the cool months of Fall, July, August, and September, and vice versa.]


 Spring versus Fall


 [Jesus continued to reveal God’s Truth of life to make his disciples fully understand the dualistic Commandments he has given them: “In the same way, on vertical plane, if positive Summer counteracts to balance negative Winter then it means the hot months of Summer, April, May, and June, counterbalance the cold months of Winter, October, November, and December, and vice versa.]


Summer versus Winter


Note that when coming toward the Source of light (i.e. the Sun,) there is positive (increasing) attraction260 between “the righteous Sun” and “the repentant earth”. Therefore, Sunrise and Spring show warm, comfort and growth (constructive accord), Noon and Summer brightness and fervent heat (positive endurance). But when turning away from the light Source, there is negative (decreasing) attraction261: Sunset and Fall show chill, discomfort and decay (destructive discord), Midnight and Winter coldness and darkness (negative suffering). Again, the parable “the lost son (the prodigal son) [that is found]” illustrates “the Cross way of Jesus”: In misery, as the consequence of sinning, the potential of following the way (Jesus the Son of God) is highest when mutual attraction peaks.* Jesus’ true followers (Christ-like disciples) should always be compassionate and merciful like the Father God to readily help and save sinners who return in repentance. On the contrary, when being rich (enriched) and successful (empowered) in this world, humans tend to not need God and not want to seek and follow him (being far from God**). Jesus says that the rich hardly (rarely) enter God’s Kingdom (Heaven), because it is very hard262 for them to not “worship” money and materials. Thus, being rich without having godly foundation in the first place is not true blessing.

Nevertheless, all God’s children must always have “attraction” to draw and bring sinners back to God and hopefully convert them to follow “the way of the Cross.”


*    Winter Solstice at the near end.

**   Summer Solstice at the far end.


 [And Jesus explained to “the Twelve” that the twelve Commandments of “the Cross” – the Iron Law of Salvation that he has given them – will help them to grow the Tree* of life in them that bears 12 kinds of fruit monthly, therefore, year round (as he later divinely revealed to Saint John263) and to give life to others like he does.264 And besides, its leaves” – from the Rules of God** – can heal all peoples of the world. He reminded them that his words are like his body and blood; they must consume them daily like food and drink to live.]



The Sun shines through The Basilica Cupola in Esztergom – Hungary

Photo by Gyula Gyukli

(Image source:



 Dynamics of Heaven-Earth system

 (To be continued…)


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Chapter 6 The Secret Truth of Jesus: Twelve Commandments of Salvation (Jesus’ Iron Law: The Main Contents of “The Hidden Cup of Eternal Life”) (25)



I recall, from the Vision of a spotted beast (a dinosaur?) emerging in Lac River of ancient China, a founding ruler who could successfully tame the floods and grow the crops for his people like a god, figured out the Heaven-Earth union to form life (changes) in the universe (what called Creation process):


Heaven 1* generates Water, manifesting as Earth 6*

Earth 2 generates Fire, manifesting as Heaven 7

Heaven 3 generates Wood, manifesting as Earth 8

Earth 4 generates Metal, manifesting as Heaven 9

Heaven 5** generates Earth***, manifesting as Earth 10**


 The Creation process of Heaven-Earth system


The Book of Changes (the I Ching) used in Divination & Prophesying (Oracle) was derived from this fundamentals. This perhaps is also the origin for the Jewish Kaballah’s 10 Siferots of “the tree of life” written in their Book of Formation (Creation).


*   The numbers (1 to 10) represent the respective number of spots on the “4-cardinal direction body” of the beast seen by the Chinese king (Note that this beast was God’s Holy Creature and not Satan’s symbolic image “the red dragon” (the Roman Empire) and his earthly heir “the beast” (the end time Super power Empire) (Revelation 12:3; 13:1-2).

**   Graphically modified from ancient Scriptures to show that Earth was formed outwardly from central Heaven 5, manifesting as peripheral Earth 10 (e.g. the planet earth). The total of all numbered members is 13 with neutral 5 located at the center. This sacred number 5 represents the Lord God (i.e. Jesus’ Holy Spirit).

*** In Chinese, Earth means the element Earth (i.e. soil, dirt…), which collectively forms the earth (i.e. the globe). Heaven-Earth system should be understood as Positivity-Negativity system, or correctly, Negativity-Positivity (Yin-Yang) system.


From this vortex (whirling) structure came the Divine Ha Map and Lac Scripture* (the Square and the Circle respectively), the fundamentals of Dualism Theology, used in ancient Oriental Cosmology (Astronomy), Geology, Astrology and Divination. The symbol of a Square inside a Circle, representing Heaven-Earth system of Life Creation, is clearly evidenced on the stained glass “window of Resurrection249 in Rosslyn Chapel, (ever thought to have contained the Grail Secret250,) at Edinburgh Capital of Scotland. The church’s marvelous Masonic** structures and carvings of dualistic expressions further validate the genuine revealing of Jesus’ spiritual teachings of Dualism in this book.



Window of Resurrection in Rosslyn Chapel

(Image source:

Note that round (circle) is the perfect shape in Heaven (celestial body); but square is the perfect shape on earth because it is also centered crosswise. It is said that “the times of Earth” (at 4 corners of “the Times Square”, i.e. 10AM, 2PM; 10PM, 2AM) are good for praying because the center of “the heart” (where God may dwell) can be best concentrated on then.

“The new Sacred City of Jerusalem coming from God in Heaven” after “the end of the world” will have a square251 foundation. It is not certain that the Temple of Jesus in the Sun also has a square floor, although it absolutely does have a Cross Center.


*    Ha City (Fortress) and Lac River of ancient China.

**  There probably was (is) certain association with the secret Society called “the Free Mason” (Masonry), where members’ rank (order) was said to depend on “the degree of secret knowledge (truth) of structural construction” known as “skill”. What is their relation with Saint Patrick – a Christian came from England to Ireland in the 5th century – who is honored as “the father of engineering”? What is the true significance of “the green shamrock”, a fortunate, blessing sign of this Saint which might be 4 (instead of 3) leafed clover?

(To be continued…)


[]    Added to clarify.

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Chapter 6 The Secret Truth of Jesus: Twelve Commandments of Salvation (Jesus’ Iron Law: The Main Contents of “The Hidden Cup of Eternal Life”) (24)




In Dualism of the East, the Negativity Yin represents darkness and matter (e.g. the earth), indicated by the moon (often appearing at night); the Positivity Yang represents brightness (light) and energy, indicated by the Sun. These two polarized Principles (Polarities) unite (copulate) to generate (create) spirit for life (growth changes, symbolized and expressed by “I Ching” the Book of Changes), manifesting through 4 seasons on earth (Review “the Fish of Jesus” and “the Eye of God”):

First, Negativity Yin and Positivity Yang (of [God] the One Source in Heaven) combine to create 4 Images that are also dualistic complements like their “parents”.

Then, the 4 Images generate 8 Forms (Trigrams).

Then, the 8 forms produce myriad creations (creatures, including human beings by their combinations).

It is said that the sages (i.e. the Taoists) of later generations modified the Creation process by naming and inserting the 5th element in between the 4 Images and the 8 Forms; they “penta-elementalized” the creation system, creating the so-called “Pentacle of the sages”.

The sages had symbolized the 4 Images of Creation by 4 Elements: Metal**, Water, Wood**, and Fire. The 5th neutral element Earth takes the central position where all other elements gather (meet).


*   The Creator (God) is both creative (constructive) and destructive according to Eastern Theology (The Creator-Destructor). In the Old Testament of the Bible, God showed destruction (war, killing), but in the New Testament he showed construction (peace, forgiving). Nevertheless, in saving life to make peace through his Son Jesus, God also revealed his destructive nature in his warnings of judgment.

**   Air and Earth in place of Wood and Metal respectively are originally incorrect. The reason behind their usage in Western books could be that breath (Air) brings life (Genesis 2:7), represented by  Wood, and dust (Earth) means death (Genesis 3:19), represented by Metal.


These 5 radical elements of Creation (forming the Pentacle & the 5-pointed star* of the sages) represent “5 moving roots” needed for perpetual changes and transformations of life: METAL generates WATER (because it is compatible with) but it destroys WOOD (because it is incompatible with); WATER generates WOOD but it puts out FIRE; WOOD generates FIRE but it degrades EARTH; FIRE generates EARTH** but it melts METAL; EARTH generates METAL*** but it hampers WATER … and so on (the cycle repeats). The Pentacle symbolizes the Life Cycle on earth, in which there are compatibilities (constructions) and incompatibilities (destructions). “The Children of God the Creator” – the Holy Spirits – carry the dualistic nature of their “Father” (Dualistic Parent).


 The Pentagram of five radical elements



Anything and everything in the universe must belong to 1 of these 5 groups: White Metal, Black Water, Green Wood, Red Fire, and Yellow Earth.


*   The 5-pointed star (the Pentagram) has been mentioned by scholars in the hunt for the Holy Grail (Jesus’ hidden “Cup of eternal life”).

**   After Fire consumes (burns up) things, what left is ash which increases Earth.

***   When Earth cools down (Fire has subsided), it originates coldness which enhances Metal.


Ancient Scriptures of the East say that in the beginning there was “NOTHINGNESS”* (Invisible Space of a “Total Black Hole”, e.g.). Then it became chaos that gradually polarized and settled: The heavier Yin (Negativity) collectively sank down; the lighter Yang (Positivity) radiantly rose up. The sinking part creates Earth, the rising part forms Heaven. Earth carries static, stationary elements that collect (pool) as darkness and matter. Heaven contains dynamic, moving particles that radiate (emanate) as light and energy. Together these two opposite polarities, the extreme Yin Earth (e.g. the earth and moon) and the extreme Yang Heaven (e.g. the Sun) form the basic Heaven-Earth system (i.e. the Solar system) of the boundless universe.

The Creator God was, is, and will be the Source (Origin**) of all things. “He” is wherever Yin (Negativity) and Yang (Positivity) cross and unite. Thus, God and God’s people (the Holy Spirits) exist in the “Nothingness” where there is no polarization (e.g. no day and night). It is the Kingdom of God established on earth at Jerusalem described in Chapters 21 & 22 of the Revelation when “the new Heaven and the new Earth are made” after the Last Judgment.

According to Thomas Gnostic Gospel, Jesus says that “God is where the wood split or the rock uncovered (where obviously light shines to). It is through the dualistic joining of Negativity and Positivity that God in the secret248 Heaven of their crossing Center creates life and myriad things in the universe. The “marriage place” is the impartial, neutral, zero-point field of possible polarization for God’s creation (stated earlier). It is the Holy Realm that ancient Scripture defines as where “Yin and Yang cross ; 5 radical elements converge; Devil and God meet”.


*    The basic concept for “Returning to Nothingness (the Source)” of Buddhism, and “Liberation by Annihilation” of modern Nihilism (The tree of Gnosis:…/Ioan P. Couliano 1992, pp. 249-250).

**  In this sense, truly, Jesus has taught that God is the Father (Originator) of his and his disciples; and is no longer the Father of the unrighteous sinners (John 8:42-47) who don’t obey him to follow his spiritual Law (Matthew 12:46-50) and are under death condemnation (John 3:18; 5:24).

(To be continued…)



[]    Added to clarify.

248      Matthew  6.

Chapter 6 The Secret Truth of Jesus: Twelve Commandments of Salvation (Jesus’ Iron Law: The Main Contents of “The Hidden Cup of Eternal Life”) (23)




Again, the true purpose of being on earth for humans is to become the holy children (spiritual descendants) of God who are the “ripe” righteous spirits in God’s Kingdom (Heaven) because as said, the spirit needs the body as its own temple to dwell in and grow to maturity*. For this true purpose (not the second meaning of glorifying God, proudly acclaimed by the worshipping believers) that God sent many prophets (as his spoke persons) and enlightened beings to peoples around the world (not only to small country Israel of Jesus) to teach humans to live a godly life. However, Jesus was the great one of them. And Jesus deserves to be the Savior of the world239 because he has shown the way of God that could be best suitable (practical) for humans.

Buddha (Prince Shidharta of India) is worshipped as the first Holy enlightened figure (Buddha, a god of Buddhism). His way, by the Major Sect, is self deliverance; total retreat (hair shaving…), leaving behind the sinful world of sufferings (avoiding all sins and sinners) to seek the blissful paradise of Nirvana (where there are no sufferings & pains) through deliverance meditation of contemplating on stabilizing the thoughts of “the heart”** to attain the Ultimate Nothingness (Voidness) of the spiritual heart (Review Eternal Blessing #1). (It is the union/communion with God the Creator at the impartial point of spirit).

Lao-Tzu of Taoism is thought of as a wise philosopher (a great sage), who emphasized on being humble, reverentially meek and very moderate (“knowing to stop before having fullness”, closely related in concept to “Moderationism” of Chuang-Tzu) to avoid “being overthrown into failures and sufferings of the world”, because as a law in Yin-Yang Dualism, anything waxes (peaks or goes up) must wane (bottoms out or comes down), although it also holds true vice versa.

Confucius of Confucianism was also a great philosopher of China, who had taught people to live by “the five principles of righteousness”*** so that peace and order could be established for society. (He indeed united China that had before been divided into 12 barbaric kingdoms).

But only Jesus, the Savior God sent to teach God-chosen believers (the elect) to live by God’s Commandments of Righteousness, has commanded his disciples to go into the world to seek out those God’s believers who were “lost” (sinning) but repenting, and save them from death-causing sins with his way: “The Way of the Cross” (the Way of Heaven****).


*   There is no marriage in Heaven according to Jesus (Matthew 22:30). Although Spirit gives birth to spirit (John3:6), a body temple is needed as “a molding template” for spirit.

**   “Monkey heart, primate thought” that tend to jump around. And thought of “the heart” is the origin of action (Matthew 15:19), and action creates Karma of Reincarnation cycle that keeps humans from reaching Nirvana, the Paradise of spiritual enlightenment.

*** 5 principles of righteousness of the Great Confucius: Humanity (Benevolent love), Rites (respectfulness), Relationship (harmonious unity), Wisdom (mental education), and Faithfulness (trustworthiness). It is another form of Applied Dualism for just morality (like that of Jesus), but follows the clockwise Pentacle of the sages:


        3Relationship                     5Faithfulness

2 Rites            1Humanity

**** Lao-Tzu realized to say that: “Human conforms to (models on) earth, earth to Heaven, Heaven to the Way (Tao), and the Way to Nature (Divinity). But because humans on earth and earth are one system, by God Jesus saw that humans could conform directly to Heaven to be God’s children (gods). Thus, Lao-Tzu way is “earth way” for earthly long life, but Jesus’ way is “Heaven Way” for Heavenly everlasting life.


Jesus’ true followers live the godly life in this world, close to sinners240 (people). He has taught them “the Way of God” to be protected from and to overcome the sin241 (evil) of the world. The Salvation of Jesus is different from the Self-deliverance of Buddha (of the Major Sect) in that God is the life-giving Lord of all heavenly hosts, just like his Sun* which is not a lone star in space but interacts with planet earth (at 12 positions of the earth’s orbit) to create life and peace. So should true children of God, who would be in the world with others like Jesus to help, guide (lead) and save them by showing them “how to truly have life”.242 This should be the saintly  image of all believers of Jesus. The poem “Lotus in the swamp” to praise the godly beauty (grace**) of the buddhas (of the Minor Sect) should also be applied to Jesus’ disciples:

            Lotus in the swamp

In the swamp what could be as graceful as the lotus?

Green leaves, white flowers, and yellow pollens,

Yellow pollens, white flowers, and green leaves,

Being close to the mud *** but never such malodorous.

            (Temporarily translated)


*   There are innumerable Suns (countless Solar systems) in the boundless universe. It is very possible that there are Extra-Terrestrial (ET) life forms far beyond the reach of human beings on earth by any conventional means.

**   As discussed before, Jesus’ spiritual teachings truly give his disciples “the truthful grace of God” (John 1:16-17; Matthew 5:45-48).

***   Figurative speech, meaning sinners.


Buddha (540 BC?) says: “The butcher who drops [using] the knife becomes buddha (god)”.

Jesus (AD 30) says: “Repent, [turning away from sin] because the Kingdom of Heaven (God) is handily near (at hand)243, and “I thank you, O Father, Lord of Heaven and earth, because you have hidden these things from the wise and prudent, and have revealed them to babies244 Truly, truly, I say to you: Unless you are converted and [spiritually] become as little children, you surely will not enter the Kingdom of Heaven245.

Lao-Tzu (550 BC?) says: “… Then the constant virtue will not leave (desert) you, and you will again return to being a baby (babe)”.

Jesus’ “way of the Cross” (obscure short form of “the way of the Cross of the Sun of God”), “the new Mosaic Judaism of the Middle East” shall we say, appears to be “the applied form of Dualism Theology of the East” that should deserve to take the central position among its analogous schools of thought: Buddhism, Taoism, Confucianism…, because it is simply practical for human Salvation (saving from spiritual death caused by sins of unrighteous behaviors).

Spiritual copulation

As mentioned earlier in this Chapter, the Jewish flag symbol of 2 interwoven triangles adopted by the two great kings of Israel who feared God (David and his son Solomon) actually was the original inspiration of Eastern Dualism: The spiritual copulation246 (union) of Heaven* and Earth* to create the Holy Spirit of God** for everlasting life.

I believe that I was led the Holy Spirit247 of Jesus to realize this, and when I read some last pages of The Da Vinci Code written by Dan Brown and saw “the marriage” of the Chalice and the Blade I was amazed.


*   Extreme Positivity (Brightness symbolized by the Sun) and Extreme Negativity (Darkness symbolized by the moon), respectively. The Sun plays the role of Heaven in this creative interaction; this confirms the fact that the first (?) Heaven is inside the Sun as I witnessed in my dream trip.

**    Primordial Spirit (Holy Spirit) of a newborn.

(To be continued…)


[]    Added to clarify.

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Chapter 6 The Secret Truth of Jesus: Twelve Commandments of Salvation (Jesus’ Iron Law: The Main Contents of “The Hidden Cup of Eternal Life”) (22)




As shown earlier, the counter-clockwise manifestations of time watches and seasons for the earth in orbit show the wax and wane life sustaining by the Sun for one complement at a time. But my Vision experience of the crosswise movements through the Cross passage in the Holy Temple of Jesus inside the Sun absolutely reveals the dualistic complementary interactions* of all 4 cardinal constituents that allow their perpetual inner flow (the eternal loop of Holy Spirit) to exist. I believe this flow is “the River of Truth” of Saint Clement (See 6.30).

Thus, the primordial spirit (hence life on earth), i.e. the holy spirit of a newborn baby – the “fruit” of the copulation of the Positivity/Masculinity/Virility (symbolized by Heaven/Sun/Light above) and the Negativity/Femininity/Docility (symbolized by  Earth/Moon/Darkness below) –  must also have dualistic nature.

Being waves (e.g. electro-magnetic waves), the flow’s behaving through the Cross Center is like shining of light (beaming of photons) through an optical lens that the light of an object’s image is completely (180 degrees) reversed. The two dualistic waves counter but complement one another by returning to the Source. By the dualistic interaction of their opposite polarities (- & +) they actually generate an alternating closed current (circuit or loop of flow). The point where the light crosses to turn opposite (polarized) is called the zero-point field** (neutral or impartial point) that creates a realm of polarity for God to manifest through creation that likely involves Gravity.229 The [two wings of the Divine Bird] Phoenix of Sunrise and Sunset symbolically means the neutrality230 of enlightenment that is only achievable dualistically. This is the core of Jesus’ Way of using antagonistic brain waves (paradoxical thoughts and behaviors) coming from obeying his Salvation Commandments to give birth to a Sun-like life-giving Holy Spirit that forever self-exists in God’s Kingdom (Review Chapter 4). Jesus’ way is the practical method of meditation231 on the contradictory Salvation Commandments of God.

The opposite effects of “feminine Negativity” and “masculine Positivity” in Jesus’ teachings are discreetly encoded232 in the famous painting of Leonardo da Vinci: “The Last Supper”. The contrary color contrast and transposition of the robes of Jesus and John*** intriguingly but affirmatively indicates that the obvious V shape in the art, showing “the union separation” of Jesus & John, should mean Versus (Against or As opposed to one another like Jesus’ palm-up left hand and palm-down right hand on the dinner table that St. Peter amazingly looked at while Jesus was explaining the Truth). The much less obvious M shape**** should mean Matthew (rather than Mark or Mary Magdalene), hinting the paradoxical teachings of Jesus in this Synoptic Gospel. Philip’s Gnostic Gospel cryptically reveals this dualistic truth.233

 Giampietrino-Last-Supper-ca-1520 (1)

The Last Supper


(Image source:


*     Mutual repulsion, attraction, and transmutation (reversal) of polarities at the cross center.

**   The Field of Intention by Dr W. Dyer who wrote the book The Power of Intention.

***  Not Mary Magdalene (the feminine beardless figure suspected to be) because she and other female disciples (including Jesus’ mother Mary) should not be sitting at the table of his Last Supper with the 12 Apostles, especially in his time when women definitely were not considered equal to men. This rumor and other concocted stories (mainly, i.e. love scandal) would likely cause them to be rejected by Christian mainstream; hence all Gnostic Scriptures or any news of secret about Jesus would be deemed unbelievable and unacceptable. This is the mistaken impact that the anti-Gnostics (those who are against secret knowledge of Jesus) would love to achieve.

****  But I see the letter W of “the Word or the Way of God”, which symbolizes Jesus, where he is between Peter (#6) to his left and John (#7) to his right (that begins to transform into his weak (pink or brown) counterpart at Leo of July (7/23) when the negative earth leaving the positive Sun to come into the darkness of Fall and Winter. This is what Jesus talks about “Beginning” and “Ending” in Thomas Gospel; the reversal after union of life principles.


Jesus’ long hair parted in the middle*of his head also points to this direction of his Dualistic teachings of righteousness (Godliness impartiality). Many women who were Jesus’ followers234 had also had their hair done this way, creating this commonly-perceived feminine hair style for females (that Jesus was falsely said by some unbelievers to be “faggot”).

Moreover, in Da Vinci’s encoded art, it appears that he tries to discreetly convey the Salvation message of Jesus’ Commandments by painting many surrounding windows assumingly to be 12 in total, and only 3 South windows are bright (when light & Positivity peak during Summer months). And no cup (v-shaped grail) is seen on the table (only glasses); this indicates that it’s not the physical cup that Jesus used but the spiritual one that saves.” However, whether or not Leonardo, like Isaac Newton (who has ever been claimed to lead the secret society (order) of Priory of Sion therefore might have gained access to some “secret of the Holy Grail of Jesus” recorded in “the Sangreal Documents”235) really knew the undeclared sequential order of Jesus’ summarized teachings in Matthew Gospel (that I believe was divinely revealed to me) and their antagonistic symmetry (balance) through “the heart” is still in question, because any keen scholar could see the basic principle of Jesus’ dualistic236 doctrine in Gnostic Gospels, especially Philip Gospel and Thomas Gospel as it is known. Furthermore, to the doubt on Leonardo’s secret knowledge (unless, maybe, it was all written in “the documents”), Jesus’ Commandment #1 is dualistic not to Commandment #2, but to Commandment #7 … and so on. My Vision Experience in the Temple of Jesus in the Sun and Chapter 22 of The Revelation have led me in my discovery of the secret Truth of Jesus.

Jesus’ Salvation teachings in the Middle East, though coming directly from God237, possess the same Dualism root Yin-Yang of Buddhism, Taoism, and Confucianism … of the East. The hidden theological basis of Jesus to correct humans’ faulty system of spirit – the Earth below and the Heaven above238 – mentioned in John Gospel, has been creating rumors, riots, myths, controversies, secrecies, mysteries, mysticism, Gnosticism, anti-Gnosticism, codes, conspiracies, criticisms, rejections, crucifixions, divisions, accusations, persecutions, Inquisitions, wonders, heresies … But Jesus’ God’s Truth of life forever is the truth, and that secret Truth is hereby revealed in a methodically and logically-convincing way.


*    I have seen in 2 of my 3 dream Visions of Jesus: Jesus at the rock table (1992), Jesus showing his bruised back (1998), and Jesus preaching on stage (2003).

(To be continued…)


[]    Added to clarify.

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Chapter 6 The Secret Truth of Jesus: Twelve Commandments of Salvation (Jesus’ Iron Law: The Main Contents of “The Hidden Cup of Eternal Life”) (21)




The unions of Negativity and Positivity on 4 cardinal directions of the Sun and the Earth also yield the original symbol of the sage’s Pentacle* of 5 radical elements of life with 5 principal colors (See 6.25 Theology of Dualism), where the harmoniously-fair design of the five Olympic rings for the International** athletic competitions (held every 4 years) comes from as the claim of honoring Zeus218, the Olympian (Supreme) Lord of all of the Greek gods on mount Olympus of Greece.219 But why have the rings been horizontally so arranged? Perhaps, it was to avoid rumor and/or attention of being affiliated with Christianity (i.e. the Cross) of the West, or of having some hidden agenda for a central nation (i.e. one world government).


*   White, black, green, red and yellow are the five original colors according to Oriental ancient Scriptures.

**   Global, from all nations of the world.


 The original five Olympic rings



I was further opened to see that “Jesus’ Fish” is also “the Eye of God” (God’s Sight, “the Eye of Thor” on the 4-sided pyramid); the Window of the Holy Spirit manifesting on earth year round in 4 seasons Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter. And by his Son, the currently-acting God Jesus220, his Eye (Spirit) of 7 folds221 has been sent out all over the world (since his Ascension) via the 7 congregations222 (churches) in West Asia (Asian Turkey). God is constantly watching the world through spirituality!



Stained Glass Window in The Cologne Cathedral Of Cologne, Germany

Photo by shirophoto

(Image source:

As stated earlier, the physical complements are the derived (secondary) products of the primary Principles (- & +). They will be discarded, dust to dust223, or even altogether supernaturally transformed into Holy Light (irradiation*, e.g. Jesus’ Transfiguration224, his mysterious Resurrection225), that can vanish226 and reversibly reappear227 at will by the Holy Spirit.


Jesus’ Transfiguration on mountain (witnessed by Peter, James and John)

(Image source:

By the spiritual components, the fleshly parts are formed (manifested). But by the same token, by the fleshly parts, the spiritual components, which may last eternally, can grow upon to maturity. The purpose of being on earth for humans is then, through behaviors, to build the Holy Spirit for Heaven. The image of the caterpillar in its cocoon has been used to portray the emergence of true Spirit from the body like the butterfly’s transformation at last (typically the monarch) to fly away. Saint Peter remembered that Jesus has talked about “the furthermost development of a corn” at the end this way.228


*   A major enlightened Buddha (Dharma), also a martial art master (who believed in the Sun’s spiritual power, and traveled from India to China) was believed to have shown his Holiness in that his glorious irradiation had left a scorched mark on the cave wall where he had sat to meditate. In the same way, the mark on the Shroud of Turin, Italy was thought to be formed by Jesus’ irradiation of Resurrection when he was laid in the tomb. Like Jesus, the enlightened Buddha Dharma was also believed to have vanished from his tomb, and appeared to many people on the mountains.


Based on my trip into the Sun on 9/13/2001, I finally saw in 2006 that through “the heart”, the four cardinal constituents of Holy Spirit counteractively complement one another as if they transmute constantly, forming a cross-shaped Loop, the Eternal Loop (the Loop of Eternity), having the pattern of number 8 of Bless similar to the symbol of Infinity ∞ (See 6.30 Polarity Reversal in Dualism.)

(To be continued…)


[]    Added to clarify.

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Holy Grail: "The Hidden Cup of Eternal Life"

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