Chapter 6 The Secret Truth of Jesus: Twelve Commandments of Salvation (Jesus’ Iron Law: The Main Contents of “The Hidden Cup of Eternal Life”) (59)




Last but not least, in this long Chapter, a faithful believer of Jesus must always remember that being grown-up human beings, all have developed the intellect (worldly wisdom, “the sinning eye” opened by Satan the Devil)* and been accustomed to live with it in sin585. Therefore, spiritual reversing that sinful nature to the godly nature of a Holy child586 of God as a spiritual rebirth587 is not an inevitable result of  mere believing (simple faith) in Jesus, even when having understood the logical Truth of his Salvation Commandments. It requires believer’s faithful practice.

A faithful disciple of Jesus must first realize and keep in mind that he or she has now decided to follow Jesus, “no turning back”588, and must begin to truly live a new holy life by being godly like Jesus. This is the true truth, not the false fact that many believers indeed have believed (thought) that they have. If there were spiritual leaders who had failed before outright sins, not much better could these believers easily be!

Having known that, to follow Jesus in his path to God589, a disciple must not talk and act like he or she did before knowing Jesus, because as shown before, unchecked brain waves from thoughts and actions do affect the spirit590 by upsetting the balance of Negativity and Positivity of the spiritual heart. Besides, they also sinfully tempt and corrupt others who see the disciple’s worldly behaviors (acts). Saint James, Jesus’ half brother and disciple, knows this so well591.

A disciple believer thus then begins to practice “walking with Jesus”592: Always think that believer is with the Lord and Savior Jesus (in his presence). Therefore, when meeting anyone believer must at once warmly greet that person, showing love and regard (Commandment #6), but calmly know inside where the believer should be in the obedience (which one of Jesus’ Commandments to follow). If not knowing, or if needing time to think through, believer must remain silent like Jesus did593; do not behave “monkey-wise” (previously noted) in some worldly way just to show sociability or to release peer pressure. Remember, being a holy disciple, believer doesn’t need to answer or respond to anyone if unsure whether or not it is proper to Jesus.

“Walking with Jesus” means “Living through Jesus by consuming him flesh and blood”594. And one is what one eats; Christ-like image truly is this. Only by this simple way of Jesus595 will believer truly live a godly life that the Holy Spirit must inevitably be born free of Satan’s power596.


*   Mentioned earlier in this Chapter.

(To be continued …)


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Chapter 6 The Secret Truth of Jesus: Twelve Commandments of Salvation (Jesus’ Iron Law: The Main Contents of “The Hidden Cup of Eternal Life”) (58)






7           +           1


Commandment #4: Be simply truthful in communication.

Commandment #10: But be discreetly disguised in fasting.

Commandment #7: Be subtle in charitable donation.

Commandment #1: But be serious in spiritual relation.


8           +           2


Commandment #5: Endure all earthly evil.

Commandment #11: But keep only heavenly goodness.

Commandment #8: Hide when praying.

Commandment #2: But lust after no one.


9           +           3


Commandment #6: Love your unrighteous “enemies”.

Commandment #12: But seek God’s righteous Kingdom.

Commandment #9: Pray short prayer.

Commandment #3: But support long marriage.

(To be continued …)

Chapter 6 The Secret Truth of Jesus: Twelve Commandments of Salvation (Jesus’ Iron Law: The Main Contents of “The Hidden Cup of Eternal Life”) (57)




Let’s look at Jesus’ Commandment #4 and its complement #10: It is the faith in God through Jesus to be simply honest in communication that believer can be so faithful to suffer fasting in discreet disguise, wanting no one to know but God, and vice versa. That’s the practice of true faith in God. Believers may now “walk by faith and also by sight”* because Jesus has figuratively said that walking without seeing or in the dark all will fall581 (or don’t know where they will be).







Also let’s look at Jesus’ Commandment #7 and its complement #1: It is the faith in God through Jesus to give charitable donation in carelessly-subtle manner (again wanting no one to know except God) that believer can be so faithful to be carefully serious in righteous relationship with other fellow believers, and vice versa.

Obviously, Jesus’ Salvation Doctrine is the Complementary Counter-Balancing (Dualistic Antagonism) of spiritual behaviors based on the faith in God the Holy Spirit; that the Dualistic Principle of God’s Truth is absolutely correct for life driven by spirit. Building and keeping large faith582 is always the accent of Jesus’ teachings.


* Currently the orthodox mainstream of Christianity holds the superficial concept of the Truth: “Walk by faith, not by sight”, a metaphorical esoteric which means “live by faith, not by human perception of the eyes”. But truly, faith should mean Jesus’ spiritual Truth that is presented in this book, not the “simple faith” of Saul of Tarsus.


Furthermore, it is the Spirituality and Spirit that humans build the temple and body temple583 of worship* and vice versa, it is through the temple and body temple of worship* that humans show the Spirituality and Spirit. Therefore, the crossing totality of the Spiritual Truths and Physical Truths yields “The Cross”, the Truth of Life that is everlasting. This Truth represents God the Holy Spirit at the Center of the Kingdom of God (in an illuminating** star like the Sun, in a Galaxy’s Center … or in “the heart” of human mind) 584.

Because of “truly having the Cross” that a human is spiritually centered (impartial), that is, faithfully righteous. Here is when all Moses’ God-given Commandments and other prophets’ teachings are truly “nailed” (abolished or “killed”) on the Cross; the believer is then morally justified to God.

Jesus’ Doctrine of Salvation – the hidden Holy Grail – is Doctrine of “the Cross of the Sun” where humans faithfully learn and obey his Dualistic Commandments of Righteousness to have the Holy Spirit so that they can live (exist) forever in God’s Kingdom. Amen.


*    The true worship with the Truth of God.

**   The secret society Illuminati of the Catholic Church perhaps had evolved from this spiritual sense that has the close link with the shining light.

(To be continued …)


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Chapter 6 The Secret Truth of Jesus: Twelve Commandments of Salvation (Jesus’ Iron Law: The Main Contents of “The Hidden Cup of Eternal Life”) (56)



The 3rd Cross Set:





9                                         +                                        3






Positive Commandment #6: When suffering from your evil (unrighteous) enemies, forgive and love them openly (help, bless, pray for them …).

Negative Commandment #12: But when seeking the things needed for your life, quietly* seek first God’s good Kingdom of righteousness (without thinking or worrying yet for tomorrow future).


Thus, because of faith to the God of Righteousness, believer must positively love the unrighteous (unjust) “enemies”, yet negatively seek first God’s righteous Kingdom. “Openly loving [even] the unrighteous enemies” and “secretly seeking first the righteous Kingdom of God” dualistically complement one another.


*   As with the Negative Commandment #11, this Commandment #12 should be followed even more subtly (quietly, discreetly, even secretly). Thus, wearing showy religious costumes and exposed Cross pendant is actually against (contradictory to) Jesus’ teachings (Matthew 23:1-2). Believer may wear a hidden Cross or Crucifix pendant, however.


Negative Commandment #9: When praying be brief*.

Positive Commandment #3: But when marrying keep it long.


Thus, because of faith to the God of Faithfulness, believer must supplicate faithlessly-short* prayer, yet advocate faithfully-long marriage (oppose to unfaithful divorcement). “Praying short prayer” and “keeping long marriage” dualistically complement each other.


*   Believer must firmly believe that God knows his or her needs even before his or her praying (Matthew 6:8). The seemingly faithlessly-brief prayer thus actually indicates the strong faith.


The obvious existence of Complementary counter-balancing (Dualistic antagonism) of Jesus’ 12 Commandments of Life Truth authenticates the Synoptic Gospel of Saint Matthew, in which they are summarized and listed sequentially 1 to 12 undeclared.

Purpose-wise similar to Saint John’s gnomic and cryptic Gospel, Saint Matthew’s Synoptic Gospel, summarily presenting Jesus’ teachings without much doctrinal explanation, also requires the strong willingness on believer’s part to seek its logic (rationality) from the Saints (i.e. the true Gnostics) before he or she could faithfully follow. For example, in Commandment #5, who or how many believers in the world would readily and tolerantly accept to take another slap (another hurt) when the first was wrongfully (evilly) done to? Or to give the long coat in addition to the coat taken away from him or her by force or worldly power of attorney?… The mere loving for “Jesus of 2,000 years ago” will never be convincing enough to make believers comply with this Commandment of seemingly-absurd goodness and non-sense submission to evil, not to mention other amazing Commandments of Jesus. The lack of the logical sense of the Truth has truly been the problem with Jesus’ teachings because it was hidden (by design and by nature), except to his chosen disciples who could truly love him and keep his Commandments571; they joyfully suffered for “his name”572 because they knew his hidden Truth573. That is mainly why for so long (nearly 2,000 years), most believers have left Jesus’ spiritual teachings intact while worshipping God in 3 forms (the Trinity concept), and like the Jews of the past who had searched Scriptures for Eternal Life574, studying the Old Testament for faith and wisdom of God from other prophets or kings (David, Solomon …), as well as learning from the Epistles, mostly Saul’s (originally, a Roman Pharisee!) Jesus has stressed when he came (as prophesied) that all should turn to him so they can live (have) the eternal life.575 But this has never been truly happening, and has gotten worse over time. Jesus’ least Commandments of Salvation576 have become “the untouchables”; God’s Son Jesus has been truly “wonderful”577, and the Holy Cross has been called “the wondrous Cross”! Some young mentors have psychologically reasoned on rights and wrongs as if they have never heard of Jesus’ teachings! A well-known preacher once, though correctly explained, briefly mentioned the least Commandment #5, and then he smiled, saying: “… a teaching from Heaven” and changed the subject. It’s understandable, because how should he go on to others and its counterpart paradox 11? It would easily become ridiculously absurd!

From now on, those believers who really love Jesus, “weeping for him or whole-heartedly singing for him” … can confidently, in this new challenge, obey him, putting his teachings to practice. His hidden logic of God’s Truth about Everlasting Life now has been fully revealed. This is the true test (trial) of their faith and love for Jesus. And such faithful love for the Savior may positively influence others and beneficially change the world. As said before, even if they would break one Commandment, and fail to fulfill God’s Iron Law in their good effort, they may still enter the Kingdom of God (Heaven); Jesus would forgive578 and raise them up579 when they pray, confessing to him. This means they surely will go to Heaven. It is the guaranteed promise symbolically vowed580 by Jesus in his Last Supper.

(To be continued …)


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Chapter 6 The Secret Truth of Jesus: Twelve Commandments of Salvation (Jesus’ Iron Law: The Main Contents of “The Hidden Cup of Eternal Life”) (55)



The 2nd Cross Set:




8               +               2





Positive Commandment #5: When confronting evil, openly endure it even more than it demands.

Negative Commandment #11: But when storing riches, quietly keep heavenly treasures in “the heart”.


Thus, because of faith to the God of Grace, believer must openly endure worldly evil, yet silently* keep only godly goodness. “Openly enduring of evil” and “silently storing of goodness” dualistically complement one another.

Jesus has taught his disciples to deal with the bad, hypocritical authorities this way569, accepting to bear the evil they imposed upon, but doing not evilly like they did, instead quietly doing good works570. Enduring ugly evil of this world would make Jesus’ disciples realize that humans need to have graceful goodness of God. On the contrary, having godly goodness inside would help them to endure worldly evil outside.


*   Even secretly (Legend of Saint Nicolas …)


Negative Commandment #8: When praying, secretly hide in hidden places such as a closed closet, a hideout or secluded area.

Positive Commandment #2: But when seeing someone of opposite sex (especially attractive or sexy), absolutely don’t lust after (don’t look again and again, don’t think lustfully).


Thus, because of faith to the God of Morality, believer must be obscurely elusive in praying, yet clearly open in refusing to commit adultery even by lustful thought. “Hidden praying” and “No lusting” complement each other.

(To be continued …)


[]    Added to clarify.

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Chapter 6 The Secret Truth of Jesus: Twelve Commandments of Salvation (Jesus’ Iron Law: The Main Contents of “The Hidden Cup of Eternal Life”) (54)



Let’s now re-examine the 3 Cross Sets of Jesus’ Commandments:


The 1st Cross Set:



7      +      1




Positive Commandment #4: When dealing (communicating) with others, first, calmly listen to understand the question. If it is a request, be simply straight forward (bluntly frank, directly truthful) to positively answer either Yes (agree) or No (disagree) without furthering or swearing. Be emotionally stable, not saying one extra word560, so that the Devil – the Adversary of God – cannot evilly influence your “heart”561 to swear or lie …, committing sin against God. Saint James562 concurs this in his Epistle. Now, that’s why Jesus was so direct and quietly brief563 when being questioned by the Sanhedrin court council about his Messianic role. He had obeyed God’s Commandment #4 to be simply honest (although he was cheerfully good564 in greeting others to comply with God’s Commandment #6).

Negative Commandment #10: But when fasting, disguise your look discreetly then act normally in front of others as if you are not fasting. The Jews did not see Jesus and his disciples fasting often565 (but it’s now known certainly that they did discreetly).

Thus, because of faith to the God of Truth, believer must be simply honest in communication, yet discreetly disguised in fasting. “Honest communication” and “disguised fasting” dualistically complement one another.


Negative Commandment #7: When giving charitable donations (alms) to the poor, act very lightly (subtly) like you don’t really care.

Positive Commandment #1: But when living in peace (accord) with other spiritual brothers and sisters, be seriously caring, putting the righteous relationship with them even above offering to God on the altar.


Thus, because of faith to the God of Love, believer must be carelessly subtle in giving charitable donations, yet carefully serious in keeping spiritual relationship. “Subtle donation (Benevolent love)” and “serious fellowship (Brotherly love)” dualistically complement each other.


These create the impartial (righteous) Holy Spirit. This is what that has been said: “He will baptize believers with the Holy Spirit and with fire” (Review Chapter 4). Fire should mean those Commandments #6, 5, 4 vertically coming down from above (the bright Sun of God) that counter-balance those Commandments #10, 11, 12 below (the dark earth); and they all cross-complement their horizontal counterparts 9, 8, 7 and 1, 2, 3.

“God”* is perfectly impartial, therefore “He”* is always able to discern566 (know) things and is “the Omniscient”. So should all God’s Holy children be. Jesus has demonstrated this amazing ability567. Lao-Tzu also wrote: “When your discernment penetrates the four divisions**, are you capable of not knowing anything?”568. Brain waves, remote images … can be perceived and processed by believer’s Holy Spirit at the psychic center of “the heart” into Prophetic Visions***.


*   The term personalized by human beings; also other terms such as “the Creator”, “the Supreme Being”, “the Highest”, “the One”… Truly, this One and Only Deity is the Secret Power (Mysterious Principle) of the universe that is Omni-present, and as previously suggested, the Source of Attraction (Gravity) in everything.

**   4 quarters like those of “the Cross”.

***   I have seen brief Visions or heard Sounds of important events that affect my life; but they only come in my sleep and need to be correctly interpreted to understand.

(To be continued …)


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Chapter 6 The Secret Truth of Jesus: Twelve Commandments of Salvation (Jesus’ Iron Law: The Main Contents of “The Hidden Cup of Eternal Life”) (53)



In forming the Holy Spirit inside, the 6 compliance pairs of Jesus’ Salvation Commandments must be simultaneously counteractive (coexist conflictingly) but must also be mutually complementary in the psychic center of “the heart”, so that they can readily manifest in practical situations.

Keep in mind that Jesus’ Doctrine for Eternal Life sounds paradoxical but is complementary, even in the Rules of God’s Iron Law (Next Chapter 7) because Jesus was taught by the Holy Spirit of God the Heavenly Father and believes in Dualism. As previously shown, through God at “the heart”, all things are turned around resulting in consequence (Karma of Buddhism), good and bad. For example: “Do not judge so you will not be judged550, forgive so you will be forgiven551, do not lead us into temptation but deliver us from evil552, the first shall be last and the last shall be first553, whoever loves or [tries to] have (save) own life* will lose it, but whoever hates or loses life* … will find or save (keep) it to Eternity554 (life eternity) The Dualism characteristic of Jesus’ teachings was also shown through his Hymn of The Round Dance of The Cross555.

In Dualism Theology, there is always Antagonizing of the two opposite powers (forces) of Creation, not in negating manner but in complementary way. Dualism may then be defined as Complementary Antagonism. Literally, Dualism is the Reciprocal Transmutation of two polarized parts (complements) of One Source (the so-called “God”) that through spiritual crossing creates life and peace in Heaven as well as on earth. Jesus, the Prince of Peace (See Eternal Blessing #7, Chapter 5) has taught his disciples that peace should be made. War is destructive to life, hence against God’s will. Only love (constructive relationship), reconciliation, enduring, merciful forgiving, and godly goodness can bring everlasting peace on earth for all. And God commanded that to Jesus556. However, tremendous suffering from (hence, hatred of) war will dualistically bring treasuring (love) of peace557. And that – war, both by humans and by nature – is what God will have to cause to come in order to end this stubborn, wicked world, and strangely as it may sound, making humans suffer, repent and submit, returning to him**.


*   Worldly life that is commonly filled with sins (partialities) (1John 1:8).

**   Read  “The End Prophecy of Jesus”.


King Solomon, son of David the great king of Israel, who is believed to be inspired by God, preached about the fact that there are always two opposite sides of any matter that cause earthly life to be futile558 (pointless). A famed writer of China wrote a lengthy novel of ancient time (when martial arts, weapons, healing powers, drugs, and poisons meant power and position), in which there was a philosophically-peculiar figure who lived by his own faithful rule that “if he saves one he must kill another, and vice versa”; therefore, he normally would refuse to save anyone with his knowledge of healings and drugs, and so assumingly, he would not want to kill anyone with his martial art and poisons either. That’s the theoretical or idealistic Dualism (“Neutralism of good and evil”).

Dualism Theology (The Bipolarity Theory of nature of the Creator) originating from the East, i.e. India, certainly has widely influenced China…, and probably the Middle East long before Jesus was born (500-700 years from Buddha of India to 3,000 years from Agriculture god Fu-Hi of China). But the Savior Jesus was led by the Creator God (whom he called the Father in Heaven) to practically apply to humans559 to save them, and to bring everlasting life and peace to the earth. Thus, it may be called Jesus’ Applied Dualism.

(To be continued …)


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Chapter 6 The Secret Truth of Jesus: Twelve Commandments of Salvation (Jesus’ Iron Law: The Main Contents of “The Hidden Cup of Eternal Life”) (52)



Obediently keeping the 12 Commandments of Jesus to live, Jesus’ true disciples* are “radiantly godly”:


Simply honest in Communication but discreetly disguised in Fasting (4 v 10)

Carelessly subtle in Donation but carefully serious in Fellowship (7 v 1)

Enduring Evil but treasuring Goodness (5 v 11)

Praying in Secret but lusting after no one (8 v 2)

Loving unrighteous “enemies” but seeking righteous Kingdom (6 v 12)

Supplicating short prayers but advocating long marriage** (9 v 3)


Initiation into God’s mysterious Kingdom is the gradual process of learning and obeying Jesus’ spiritual teachings of God through 3 main levels: Beginning (Literal), Intermediate (Mythical), and Advanced (Mystical) 547.

The first level: Believing the Gospel literally or superficially.

The second level: Understanding the true “shadow meanings” of Jesus’ cryptic sayings and the hidden Concept of Salvation by “the Way of the Cross”.

The third level: Obeying Jesus’ Salvation Commandments to have the Holy Spirit and its accompanying supernatural power.

Here, in the third level, by the Cross-shaped pattern of the Loop of Eternity experienced in the Temple of Jesus inside the Sun, the twelve Commandments of Jesus can be practically applied to create a Holy Spirit from the Core (Center) and to develop it outward: 4 10 7 1 ; 5 11 8 2; and 6 12 9 3. However, after the disciple, through the statements of Jesus’ Cross for example, has learned by heart to comply for some time, the newly-born Holy Spirit should be consolidated “after each meal with Jesus”548 so that the spiritual flow can emanate toward the highest level of Jesus the beloved Child of God549; “the Tree of life” then blossoms and bears the fruits of Eternity: Read the 12 Compliance statements of Jesus’ following the crossing flow of the Eternal Loop: 6, 5, 4 then 10, 11, 12 then 9, 8, 7 then 1, 2, 3. In daily practice while living in this sinful world, at this highest level, believer behaves paradoxically naturally like Jesus at any instant of life. For example, he or she openly loves even his or her unrighteous “enemies” (forgives, helps, prays for…) but discreetly will not be unrighteous like they are …


*   Again, most Christians are only Jesus’ worshippers.

**   Jesus’ disciple may be a married person, e.g. Saint Peter (Matthew 8:14).

(To be continued …)


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Chapter 6 The Secret Truth of Jesus: Twelve Commandments of Salvation (Jesus’ Iron Law: The Main Contents of “The Hidden Cup of Eternal Life”) (51)


Jesus’ dualistic teachings create in the believing follower a constant state of complementary winding and unwinding of both Negativity and Positivity that is consolidated through earthly life (social contacts): Honesty (4) + Disguise (10), Subtlety (7) + Seriousness (1); Enduring evil (5) + Treasuring goodness (11), Hidden praying* (8) + No lust (2); Loving the unrighteous “enemies” (6) + Seeking the righteous Kingdom (12), Brief prayer (9) + Long marriage (3).

And so if this dualistic nature of Jesus is fully stored in the believer’s “heart”, and becomes his or hers531, the Divine Holiness of God must basically manifest. In this sense, Jesus says that he and the Father (God the Holy Spirit) will come and live with those who obey his Comandments532.

When a believer really believes all this and starts learning to behave like Jesus, the true “anointing”533 takes place to form a new spirit of a child (truly being “born again”) that is sinless and holy. Again, regardless of being male or female follower, Jesus’ nature acquired by faithful obeying to his teachings does possess the Negativity of disguise, benevolence, kindness, subtlety, secrecy, briefness; and as said before, none of these is “bad evil” but they are negatively godly and surely contribute to the overall appearance of docility, patience, tolerance, endurance, meekness, quietness, humbleness, and gentleness of Jesus – the Static, Negative Virtue – that without the proportional weight of the counterpart Dynamic, Positive Power it might be mistakenly identified as sole femininity (instead of impartiality). Jesus is a quietly-gentle man534, but also a cheerfully-caring person535; he is soft536, but also firm537; Jesus is apart from the sinful world538, but also close to sinners539; he is a humble servant of others540, though a courageous leader541… The great Confucius sees Jesus’ nature in the righteous man (great man): “The righteous man peacefully harmonizes with others, but is not the same” (Temporarily translated).


*   Supplicating some desirous request to God.


Jesus has taught his disciples to be tolerantly righteous* when under evil exploitation and abuse: “The Scripture interpreters and the Pharisees sit in Moses’ seat. All therefore whatsoever they compel (bid) you to observe, that you observe and do, but you don’t do like they do (after their works): for they say and don’t do542. The righteous (godly) must readily endure the wickedness of the evil (Commandment #5). In this principle, Saint Peter has counseled Jesus’ disciples to be law-abiding citizen543**. Nevertheless, although the evil unrighteous are tolerated by Jesus’ disciples, the Judgment of God still remains on them544. God is the Ultimate Judge.

On the contrary, Jesus has taught his disciples to secretly store heavenly goodness in “the heart” (Commandment #11), e.g. quietly treat and help others with kindness and generosity.

The clear understanding to follow his Dualistic Nature means “knowing Jesus”, and since he is the Descendant Son of God it also means “knowing God, the Spiritual Father”. Jesus said: “… he who has seen*** me, has seen [God] the Father”445. He told his disciples the last Salvation Secret but they did not quite grasp the concept, and so he finally had to point out to them that they need to follow his way of the Truth to God, the Lord of life: “I am the way, the truth, and the life: no one comes to [God] the Father unless by me. If you had known me, you should have known my Father also, and from here on, you know him and have seen him.”546

A disciple of Jesus must correctly identify how Jesus truly is; otherwise he or she might easily fall into the hypocrisy trap of the Devil, and mistakenly get mixed up with being “good doer” of the world. Jesus is not only good, but he is righteously good; he is truly godly. His goodness is both naturally shown and intentionally hidden.


*   Suffering from the unrighteousness (sinning) of others is a righteous behavior to God (1Peter 2:19-20); just as the Sun lets the earth freely take its light and power then move away as far as it possibly could.

**   This does not necessarily mean Saint Peter totally agreed with the ruthless rulings of the Roman Empire and its subordinate governments; he indeed had practiced Jesus’ Commandments #5 on evil (and this truth probably had caused alienation, ending up with his horrific execution). Jesus also did not agree with the tax law of the Jewish authorities, but he advised his disciples to submit to them (Matthew 17:24-27).

***   Spiritually-speaking, meaning “understanding the Spiritual Jesus”, that is the Holy Spirit of God in him (Chapter 9).

(To be continued …)


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Chapter 6 The Secret Truth of Jesus: Twelve Commandments of Salvation (Jesus’ Iron Law: The Main Contents of “The Hidden Cup of Eternal Life”) (50)



In addition to obeying God’s Salvation Commandments, Jesus’ disciples should continue to follow God’s Natural Law on wake/work and rest/sleep (according to the internal and external systems) to optimally maintain the basic balance of “the heart” on impartiality (neutrality of bipolarity).

While living on earth (the First Coming), Jesus ceased life activities at dusk (Sunset), but began them very early in the morning525 even before dawn (Sunrise). And he agreed that humans have only 12 hours to work526 (although he cryptically meant “the work of God”). One should not consume any CNS stimulant such as coffee, tea, or caffeine-containing products at the time of rest (i.e. after 6 PM), and should not stay in bed with eyes closed when waking up because the sleep hormone Melatonin might again be released and cause sleepiness and sleep disorder.

Optimal wake-work and rest-sleep times for spiritual balance

Quality rest and sleep (ideally, at least 8 hours in a quiet, dark, comfortable environment) are essential to keep the Negativity the body needs to turn into the Positivity of work (or play) and wake during the day. Currently scientists know that most humans don’t sleep enough for having good health. Jesus often went to stay in the wilderness where peaceful harmony of nature could be found, and he advised his disciples to do so527. Truly, humans should spend half of their lifetime to rest and sleep as intended by God; for the goal of “having everlasting life with God”, it is not wasteful. Negativity is critically needed for spirit, hence life. It is the fundamentals of Meditation* (Quietly sitting still with the eyes slightly closed …528).

Although sleep Negativity and wake Positivity also transmute through “the heart” as the compliances with Jesus’ Salvation Commandments do, they don’t complement one another dualistically because they don’t coexist and cooperate simultaneously. Sleep and wake essentially are slow winding and unwinding back and forth like the movement of a pendulum singularly day and night. The frequency is twice a day (once every 12 hours). Soon as one does not get enough sleep, he or she cannot be comfortably wakeful (alert) to do anything normally (and may need the stimulant caffeine to “borrow” wakefulness off the brain which means owing it some restful sleep). In my dream trip into the Sun described earlier, the passing through Jesus’ Temple (crossing once) actually lasted about 1 hour earth time, but in Heaven it was felt only about 10 minutes. Therefore, the frequency for Polarity reversal should be about twice an hour** (once per ½ hour earth time or 5 minutes Heaven time). Only “Jesus’ Way of the Cross” can yield such high frequency of the Sun.

Frequent closing the eyes and immobilizing oneself for a brief moment is a good technique to refresh spirit; this is recently reaffirmed. It appears to be part of the Meditation program of the Taoist sages and Buddhist monks. Jesus took nap when needed529 like a child that he has declared all who want to enter God’s Kingdom must be [spiritually] converted to530. On the contrary, being not active (e.g. work, play, exercise) or wakeful long enough will result in difficulty of sleep (insomnia).


*   Jesus’ way is indeed “the Meditation on God’s Word (law)” (Psalm 1:2).

**   24 times the normal spirit-sustaining power of the Solar Heaven-Earth system.

(To be continued …)


[]    Added to clarify.

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Chapter 6 The Secret Truth of Jesus: Twelve Commandments of Salvation (Jesus’ Iron Law: The Main Contents of “The Hidden Cup of Eternal Life”) (49)



“The way of the Cross” actually is the secret teachings of Jesus that give his disciples the eternal life. It is “the way of the Tree of righteousness” or “the way of the Tree of life”.

Eternal life – the everlasting existence of spiritual being in God’s Kingdom – means Salvation. Eternal life requires Holy Spirit that is regenerated (making one becoming “born again”) whenever its Negativity and Positivity are united into one whole*. To be spiritually whole (righteously impartial) a human must obey 6 Negative Commandments and 6 Positive Commandments of Jesus.

6 Negative (Static) Commandments dictate the quiet, receding (regressing) behaviors: Subtle donation, hidden praying, faithlessly-brief prayer, disguised fasting, quietly storing heavenly goodness (including discreetly helping the poor), and calmly seeking God’s righteous Kingdom without worrying yet about tomorrow. (These constitute “the Secret Goddess”.)

6 Positive (Dynamic) Commandments dictate the fervent, advancing (progressing) behaviors: Serious relationship, no lust after (no hidden sexual desires), faithfully-long marriage, simple honesty, openly enduring earthly evil (including giving upon begging and lending upon borrowing), and responsively loving even the unrighteous “enemies”.

The important thing to remember here is that these 12 Commandments** must be obeyed instinctively before one can actually have the new Holy Spirit reborn (and truly becomes a “born again” believer). It requires the faithful commitment of “the initiates of Jesus” to strive for spiritual perfection524.


*   The term “The One” (meaning “the Whole”) indicates God the Holy Spirit. “Nothingness of a Black Hole (an Invisible Whole)” thus, again, should be where “the Creative Power of God” exists.

**   At least 11 Commandments.

(To be continued …)


[]    Added to clarify.

524      Matthew 5:48.

Chapter 6 The Secret Truth of Jesus: Twelve Commandments of Salvation (Jesus’ Iron Law: The Main Contents of “The Hidden Cup of Eternal Life”) (48)



To maintain the Integrity of the spiritual teachings of Jesus, believer must not openly declare when or that he or she is practicing it, because “by nature” the six negative Commandments 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, and 12 must be done with the absolute subtlety of Negativity for Holiness to arise (Quietism of Jesus). The soul needs to be still at times so that the Truth can be seen503. This is the comparable sense of Buddha’s Meditation:* “When the ocean of meditation is calm, the Holy Light will come” (Temporarily translated). Jesus has practiced God’s Truth of Life to sanctify504 himself in silent secret505, oftentimes alone506. This is another reason beside discreetly searching out God-chosen believers that Jesus himself has had to keep his Doctrine of God hidden so that the Faith is only known by God the Holy Spirit in the secret Negativity of the spiritual world**. But ironically, this secrecy has partaken in costing future believers the Truth of Life of his teachings, especially when the superficiality of Saul (due to his lack of the secret Truth) covers Jesus’ Path, and so God’s Truth has been deeply buried to all … (or is it still practiced in secret nowadays in some secret societies by his descendant followers?***) Nevertheless, again, by intention (design) Jesus has only looked for God-called believers (the elect) whom he would entrust the secret Doctrine507. Moreover, false believers bearing the mark of the Devil508 might turn around as traitor or spy to ruin his secret teachings on other disciples where forming and keeping the subtle Negativity is crucial. In “The Round Dance of the Cross” (The Hymn of Jesus), Jesus by singing tells his disciples to keep quiet about his mysteries and reveal (declare) to only [those who seek] 509.


*   I have realized that in Eastern Meditation, the eyes of the follower are not completely closed so that he or she becomes half-awake (semi-conscious), and they are focused on one common point; this would help to induce the union of the polarities Yin and Yang of spirit which then becomes the “elixir of immortality” (Taoist Yoga: Alchemy & Immortality/Charles Luk 1973, p. 1).

**   Jesus’ Crucifix was seen in the back part of the Heavenly Temple in the Sun; it symbolizes the negative realm of spirits (of the dead that have become the living) (Matthew 22:31-32).

***   As shown in the movie “The Da Vinci Code” based on the novel of Dan Brown.


The radiating interactions between the complementary pairs of moral conducts will create an impartial* Spirit that is holy and functionally live. Again, the crosswise obedience, which means “carrying the Cross behind Jesus”510, truly is from “Jesus’ baptizing by the Holy Spirit”511 (Review Chapter 4, Kingdom of God). The hand blessing (crossing) is only its symbolic expression commonly done by the Catholic priests. The endless flow of vitality (life force) – the supernatural power for everlasting life – originates from the Crossing Center (Zero-point Field) of the Holy Spirit, and is called the “River of Truth” previously shown.

Each time a pair of spiritual Commandments (e.g. 4 v 10) are faithfully followed or heartedly memorized with true understanding, a dualistic interaction would occur, sending out polarized flows (negative vitality and positive vitality512) as brain waves from the spiritual center (“the heart”) that are mutually crossed by the flows of a corresponding pair of physical Commandments (e.g. 7 v 1). When all “the memory proteins of Jesus” are formed and stored in memory bank for daily behaving, the perpetually-continuous flows of vitality (“Chi”) should show the Holiness (Heavenly Wisdom), the basic Divine Nature513 [of God] that emanates “the Light of life”**.

The mature Holy Spirit will gain more power (when Jesus’ blood words have much become the believer’s nature). It is then becoming “the Sacred Heart”, often portrayed as Jesus’ radiant heart, but more symbolically correct is the Halo bearing a Cross image around his head because “the heart” is in the Central Nervous System.

The spiritual flow possesses the healing power of God that, believe it or not, a hemophiliac woman who faithfully touched Jesus, believing absolutely that she would be healed, was healed instantly514. Jesus corrected her troubled system by assimilating it into his Holy Spirit momentarily; her receptive faith in his power perhaps had facilitated the miracle. Truly, this is what was meant: “… He himself took our infirmities and bored our sicknesss”515. He also caused his disciples to heal themselves after witnessing his Crucifixion and Resurrection by truly obeying his Commandments that it was cryptically said: “… by whose stripes you were healed.”516


The symbolic halo around Jesus’ head

(Image source:

The believers of Jesus must learn by heart the compliance statements of his Commandments daily and actually do them with full knowledge of their original instructions until “Jesus’ flesh and blood” becomes theirs. Only then, truly becoming the holy children of God, the faithful believers will be freed and know how Jesus really is as the Holy Son of God. Jesus has taught that only by thought of lust after someone, a person has already committed adultery with that one in the “heart”. The possible sexual arousal is the evidence of the evil “running away fire current”. (One therefore should control their seeing and thinking). A believer thus can be sure that true belief and understanding to memorize and behave accordingly will have accounted (tangible) effects on the spiritual center. For example: Commandment #5, believer obeys to not resist the evil acts acted upon by someone, but to readily tolerate and compassionately endure them even more than being demanded, the believer will feel that the evil mistreats are not that bad to bear! The Apostles rejoiced517 after being punished (whipped) by the Jewish council because they understood this Commandment of their teacher Savior; their spirit was delivered from earthly suffering. Without that faith of Jesus, coming from the true understanding of the logical Truth, the disciple, like other ordinary humans, might not be able to take it and would suffer a great deal from the evil. Yet, this is done without taking into account the complementary effect of its counterpart Commandment #11 (Keeping goodness in the “heart”). With the compliance with this opposite Commandment, the flow is completely continuous through #8 (Secret praying) then #2 (No lusting after) back to attraction to #5 (Enduring evil). This means it is complementarily supported, and therefore the whole “running system” is an everlasting spirit that gradually becomes so powerful that it can even control and heal others.


*   Crosswise-balanced (righteously-centered) on polarities.

**   This is the invisible waves of light (“the clear light”) that invigorate the whole body physically and mentally, enlightening the Holy disciple (John 8:12).


Jesus has assured his disciples that they surely can perform his works [of God.] 518 He also says that faithful believers (who obey God’s Commandments) can command to cause a big tree or a mountain to move.519 The Sun-like spirit can control the weight of things perhaps through the regulation of the gravitational attraction(s) exerted on them. The UFOs (Unidentified Flying Objects), if existing, might have operated via this mysterious principle of levitation. Some schools of meditation believe they could rise up to the air. In my many “consciously-aware sleeps” (before 2006) I felt I was levitated by some unknown power (presence) and slowly spun around (face up, sometimes face up then face down) before buzzing away like a bug (insect) through matter. Jesus had used the power of God (the Holy Spirit in him) to perform many miracles: Walking on the water of Lake Galilee, changing water into wine (metamorphosis), multiplying foods, calming storm, healing the lepers, opening the eyes for the blind, driving out demons, raising the dead, curing the paralyzed, … By Holy Will, Jesus the Faithful can do all miracles of God.

All things come from light which might originate from “Nothing”, i.e. unseen black hole (or center of a galaxy such as Sagittarius A of our Galaxy, the Milky Way) where new stars can be formed. And the most prominent characteristic of an invisible black hole is its absolutely strong Gravity (Attraction). Jesus reveals that God the Father is in the secret Heaven which can also exist in the heart520 [of mind]. Thus, by the holy will, using Gravitational attraction perhaps, a godly man like Jesus can do the miracles of God; e.g., altering time/space/matter. Saint Luke shows that Saint Philip and Saint Peter have attained this level of holiness521.

Now back to the learning and practicing the 12 Commandments of Jesus. The positive complying behavior that is naturally open and may be seen or known by others is called “good”, because it is clear and open. The negative complying attitude that is subtle522 (cautious and quiet like snake) to not be seen or known by others is called “evil”, because it is dark or hidden. However, because such negatively-subtle acts taught by Jesus are not meant to deceive for unrighteous gain that may be harmful to the lives of others, they are not wickedly evil*. They are “good evil” to constitute the Negativity half of the Holy Spirit. The acts of the false believers are all wickedly evil (even though they often may be hypocritically open!) because they are deceitful (and if needed, violent and deadly as poisonous snakes) for certain worldly motive (evil agenda). Jesus’ disciples must be “subtly wise as snakes but gently harmless as doves”523. This good Negativity is necessary for balancing the good Positivity in “the heart” to form the impartial Holy Spirit.


*   Thus, there are good evil and bad evil.

(To be continued…)


[]    Added to clarify.

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Holy Grail: "The Hidden Cup of Eternal Life"

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